David Shircliff

David Shircliff is a Nationally Recognized Criminal Defense Trainer, Teacher and Coach

David Shircliff is an internationally recognized trainer, teacher, and coach specializing in criminal defense, trial skills development, secondary trauma management and client relationships. He’s passionate about developing transformative hands-on workshops to empower defenders to establish strong client relationships while honing trial skills while living fulfilling lives outside criminal defense.

Early Life and Education

David Shircliff, a technology education teacher in Loudoun County, enjoys seeing his students have that “ah-ha” moment when they discover something for themselves. Often his students print designs of Eiffel tower for French class or Vex robot covers they designed themselves, along with drones or submarines they created themselves.

Before the trial began, Black asserted a hitman claim against Leonard that could have made him guilty of multiple murder charges and allowed prosecutors to seek life without parole for him. Robinson was initially surprised and disappointed at this move by Black, as she felt it would be prejudicial for Leonard and worked from the bottom up to make her closing argument as clear and unambiguous as possible for jurors.

Professional Career

Shircliff has been practicing law for close to 30 years. Initially he worked as a Death Penalty mitigation specialist and post-conviction relief attorney with the Indiana State Public Defender, helping thousands of clients fight back against injustice against the system. Later he was appointed Chief Public Defender for Lawrence County Bedford where he dramatically transformed how drug charges were dealt with within that county; eventually leaving that post in order to establish Shircliff Law as his own private law firm.

He is also actively engaged in his community, contributing both time and money to various charitable organizations in Jacksonville such as St Vincent’s, Jacksonville University, Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens and Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra – among many others.

Achievement and Honors

As a native of Jacksonville, Shircliff has made himself known throughout his community. He serves on multiple civic boards and has successfully raised large sums for various causes. Shircliff is proudly part of the Association of Fundraising Professionals First Coast chapter. In addition to supporting Saint Vincent’s hospital, JU, the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens as well as many other organizations.

Mr. Anderson is also an accomplished lawyer and recently was appointed Lawrence County Public Defender’s Agency Chief Public Defender. As a highly-skilled litigator renowned for defending clients in complex matters he has represented thousands of clients over his three-decade long career; clients often call him “Little Guy from Indiana”. With this appointment he hopes to make a difference and help shape Lawrence County for the better.

Personal Life

David Shircliff is currently the Chief Public Defender for Lawrence County in Bedford, Indiana. Since joining in September 2012, his work has revolutionized how Lawrence County addresses drug charges by shifting focus from prosecution to treatment.

He is a certified death penalty mitigation specialist and post-conviction relief attorney with over 30 years of experience defending clients against the system ranging from misdemeanor to murder charges and having served as lead counsel in over 120 jury trials as a lead attorney.

He is also a trial coach. He teaches trial practice at Mckinney School of Law in Indianapolis and has taught trial skills to lawyers nationwide. Additionally, he belongs to both the Indiana and National Criminal Defense Colleges as well as ACLU.

Net Worth

David Shircliff is an Indiana criminal defense attorney with an estimated net worth of $800,000. For over three decades he has defended clients against the system for misdemeanor to murder as lead counsel and has appeared in more than 120 jury trials and hundreds of bench trials during his career. Shircliff was Chief Public Defender in Lawrence County in Bedford where he successfully transformed it by emphasizing treatment rather than prosecution; since starting his practice Shircliff has continued his fight for a more just and equitable system.

Bruce Andis will replace Shircliff as Lawrence County Public Defender, according to The Times-Mail. Andis is a 28-year veteran criminal lawyer who joined the agency in 2012. Brent Steele, Gene McCracken and Bill Spreen decided not to renew Shircliff’s contract.

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