David Shirazi

The Twelfth Imam by David Shirazi

David Shirazi, an undercover CIA operative tasked with disarming Iran’s nuclear warheads before its leadership can launch an offensive first strike, must overcome all odds and take great personal risks on his mission to stop an Iranian first strike.

Shirazi must find a way to adapt his training in order to survive this mission, which goes disastrously awry and threatens his life. Without any resources at his disposal, Shirazi must improvise his way through it.

Early Life and Education

David Shirazi has been assigned by CIA operatives the mission to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program by any means necessary. It is a high-stakes operation which must remain undetected or provoke a war that threatens global stability.

Brilliance published the inaugural installment in David Shirazi’s series entitled, ‘The Twelfth Imam,’ published by Brilliance Books in 2010. Rumors regarding an individual identifying as Mahdi have spread throughout Iran.

Rumors persist that the Twelfth Imam will become the Islamic Messiah and lead humanity down a path of destruction, leaving much of Islamic society reeling and fearful that their nation could be erased off the map.

Professional Career

David Shirazi is a Senior Vice President with JLL, making him the youngest senior VP in Denver since 2013. Since joining in 2013, David has successfully completed over 7 million square feet in lease transactions since joining.

He has played an instrumental role in attracting several major companies to Colorado, such as Conga, Molecular Products, Xero Software and LightDeck Diagnostics. In addition, he has led headquarters relocation for various startups and technology companies.

He is a member of the Denver Active 20/30 Children’s Foundation where he served for several years as director and has recently been elected as President. Additionally, he sits on the Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation board.

Achievement and Honors

David Shirazi has long been involved in covert operations. No stranger to dangerous missions, when Iran decides to launch their latest bomb against American soil he accepts the assignment: to dismantle Iran’s nuclear weapons program and prevent regional war from breaking out.

David boasts an impressive list of accomplishments to his name; here we’ll highlight a few that stand out. In addition to his outstanding commercial real estate achievements, he received one of Phoenix/Southwest’s 2022 Next Generation Award recipients; this honor is bestowed on those believed to be most promising young professionals within their respective field.

Personal Life

David Shirazi is a CIA agent tasked with carrying out covert missions in Iran. Born to a Muslim family in Tehran during Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s rule, Shirazi attended University before leaving Iran.

Shirazi was sent by the CIA as an undercover operative to Iran with the mission of disrupting their nuclear weapons program without leaving American fingerprints behind – an endeavor which may potentially start a regional war.

Rumors began circulating that an obscure religious leader known as Mahdi or 12th Imam claimed to be the messiah of Muslims and began performing miraculous signs and healings across Iran and Israel. They even promised their destruction with promises made by Iran’s leaders apocalyptic leaders who pledged allegiance to him as their prophet. Meanwhile, Israel and America threatened by Iran.

Net Worth

David Shirazi has amassed an estimated net worth of around $1 Million. An American author who is best known for writing the bestselling series The Twelfth Imam books, David has become a household name throughout the globe due to these novels.

The series examines the Middle East region and how its tensions are being affected, while also exploring terrorism threats and Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

United States-based CIA agent David Shirazi has been sent to Tehran by the United States in order to carry out a mission that may derail Iran’s nuclear weapons program, without leaving any American fingerprints behind or sparking war between Iran and Israel. Shirazi must complete his risky task before time runs out.

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