David Rossman

David Rossman, MD, Past President of Rossman School

David Rossman, MD is a nuclear medicine radiologist with more than 38 years of expertise.

Rossman’s claims revolve around the denial of his right to adequate medical care as guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment. If true, each named individual violated this right.

Early Life and Education

At Rossman School in Creve Coeur, students aged 4 through sixth grade have an unparalleled opportunity to learn and develop in a safe, nurturing school atmosphere. Established in 1917, the school believes that kids succeed when they learn how to love themselves and others.

At Rossman School, students strive for excellence through an education that nurtures both heart and mind. According to Pat Shipley, head of school, this philosophy is what sets their school apart and has created a lasting sense of community.

Physical education is an integral component of a well-rounded curriculum at Rossman School, an independent preparatory school. They understand the significance of it for children to hone motor skills, remain healthy and develop character traits.

Professional Career

David Rossman is a board-certified radiologist currently practicing at Massachusetts General Hospital and also an active member of the Massachusetts Medical Society.

He is passionate about philanthropy and has dedicated himself to improving healthcare in developing countries through his collaboration with the World Health Organization. Additionally, his design skills have been put to good use creating several apps and products that enhance patient lives.

He has developed his real estate law skills through an externship with Jeff Pustizzi ’02 VSB, ’05 JD, ’09 MBA’, co-founding partner and general counsel of Alterra Property Group in Philadelphia. This firm, which has grown into one of the top real estate firms nationwide, provides students with a fantastic learning opportunity.

Achievements and Honors

Rossman is renowned for his groundbreaking work developing X-ray crystallography techniques that enable scientists to study molecular structures at a microscopic scale. This method allows them to clearly see where atoms reside within a given molecule.

Rossman and his colleagues employed this method to construct a model of lactate dehydrogenase protein, an essential factor in metabolism that has been linked to cancer.

He was able to piece together this puzzle by shining X-rays on the crystal and observing where all the atoms were situated within the protein.

This technique proved so successful that it spawned the field of structural biology, which studies the structure of biological molecules. Furthermore, his work has played a major role in developing antiviral drugs.

Personal Life

David Rossman was a kind and gentle soul, with an affinity for family and friends. He enjoyed sports and cooking as much as any avid Cubs or Bears fan could. A dedicated father and grandfather, David had a deep-seated passion for his beloved teams – Cubs, Bears and Hawkeyes – throughout his lifetime.

He was a student at Villanova University Law School and served as executive vice president of their student bar association for several years. Additionally, he interned at Alterra Property Group – a real estate development firm in Philadelphia – during the fall semester 2021, studying real estate law and working on various high-value commercial transactions.

Net Worth

Houstonians on Forbes 400 list saw their net worths soar to a record $51 billion this year, up from $4 billion in 2012. Eight of Houston’s wealthiest Texans experienced increases in their fortunes while 30 others saw no change.

Bill Gates took the top spot with a net worth of $72 billion, followed by Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison and Charles Koch.

Former WBA light heavyweight champion Rossman is of Italian and Jewish descent, featuring a tattoo of the Star of David on his calf.

He is 67 years old and stands at 5 feet 11 inches in height. We do not yet know his weight. His birthday falls on July 1 each year – we will update this section once we have more details.

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