David Rappeneau

David Rappeneau

Whether he’s depicting a trashed, wan, androgynous youth or a girl cooking up heroin in a lonely park, David Rappeneau is a hardcore artist who mutates flesh, narcotics, melancholy and infinite sadness.

His drawings are slithering, lithe skinned creatures that escape the frame of the drawing and emerge from its smudged surroundings. These heightened fantasies are the projection of desire so intense that it cannot be satisfied.

Early Life and Education

French artist david rappeneau was born in France and currently lives and works in Paris. He has had several solo exhibitions and has been included in a number of group shows. His work has also been featured in various publications.

In a recent show at Queer Thoughts, he presented a series of drawings that featured young people in a hyper sexualized style. The images were made with a ballpoint pen and fluorescent marker and are characterized by spatial distortions.

The works are reminiscent of Egon Schiele or Arthur Rackham. His characters come in a variety of forms, from the oozing body of a fashion model to the descendent of Storm from X-Men to a pack of gargoyles lording over a desolated city. There is a sense of unease in his images.

Professional Career

David Rappeneau has a storied professional career. He has worked in a number of fields, including architecture and visual arts. He is best known for his work in the art world, where he has received a number of awards and accolades. His works are characterized by his ability to use a variety of materials, such as fluorescent markers and ballpoint pens, in order to create dazzling images.

The most impressive aspect of Rappeneau’s work is the sheer amount of detail that he can pack into each image. In some cases, he uses as many as ten different mediums to create one drawing. He also uses a number of techniques to highlight the most important features, including lighting and color. He has exhibited his work at numerous galleries and museums, including Queer Thoughts in New York and Chicago.

Achievements and Honors

David Rappeneau has had many notable achievements and honors over the course of his career. His work has been exhibited at Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia; Balice Hertling, Paris; and Tomorrow Gallery, New York. He is also known for coining the term “zombie formalism.”

His drawings are a mashup of ballpoint pen, fluorescent marker, and thin acrylic paint on paper. They are often spatially distorted, hyper sexualized drawings of young men and women. Their most impressive feat is the fact that they encapsulate some of the most important aspects of contemporary life. In particular, they address a number of key issues, such as the importance of social interaction and human connectivity. In addition, they aptly display the wacky and zany aspects of modern life, including sexualization, addiction, and the increasing pervasion of technology.

Personal Life

David Rappeneau is a self-taught artist who lives and works in France. His drawings are highly detailed and are characterized by a hyper-stylized manner evocative of graphic novels and anime.

His mixed media compositions often depict scenes of youth culture with a edgy, if not apocalyptic undercurrent. He uses a combination of ballpoint pen, fluorescent marker and thin acrylic paint to create his hyper sexualized images.

Rappeneau’s motifs include young men and women, smoking cigarettes, taking drugs or looking at their cell phones. These figures are often drawn in a spatially distorted manner, creating a surreally futuristic phantasmagoria. The artist has exhibited at Queer Thoughts, New York and Crevecoeur, Paris among other institutions.

Net Worth

Rappeneau, born in France, is a painter and mixed media artist who is known for his hyper-stylized style that evokes manga and anime. His works often depict scenes from youth culture with a edgy or apocalyptic undercurrent. His smudges of acrylic, pencil, charcoal and marker on paper create surreally futuristic phantasmagorias that look like Egon Schiele rebooted, or Arthur Rackham with a thing for anime and faery girl accounts on Tumblr. The skinny legends in his drawings resemble Mel Odom’s airbrushed cuties or Sybil Lamb’s scrawny city slickers, but their bodies are weirdly skeletal and trippy, with 8K physical detail that feels like a modern version of the body as an edgy dream.

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