David Rafferty

David Rafferty

David Rafferty is a Greenwich resident who loves to combine his passions for music and writing in various ways. As an active provider in his community, David takes time out of work to spend time with family members including watching sports, spending quality time with his wife and children, as well as caring for his pets.

He was a former reporter and radio news director who easily transitioned into being a father. A passionate member of his community, he volunteered at numerous organizations.

Early Life and Education

David Rafferty was born in Glasgow, Scotland and quickly gained international fame as a talented musician. As part of Stealers Wheel, he had several successful solo albums as well.

He also worked as a teacher. In 1968, he ran for Senate of California as a conservative Republican candidate and easily won by an impressive margin – defeating the liberal candidate by 66,635 ballots.

Rafferty advocated in his books for schools to emphasize discipline, patriotism and the “three R’s.” His goal was to bring education back to its original purpose of instructing students how to think.

Professional Career

David Rafferty is a proud Greenwich resident who has achieved great success in the arts field. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President for External Affairs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

She is responsible for raising a significant portion of the Museum’s annual operating and capital construction budgets through corporate and individual giving, membership dues and other global fundraising activities. Other duties include leading the creation and management of its web site as well as overseeing diverse programming that exceeds expectations due to its size. Under her watchful eye, several noteworthy events have taken place such as launching of multicultural audiences and membership initiative at the museum; she was also recognized by management of the organization as one of its top executives.

Achievements and Honors

David Rafferty was a long-standing fixture in the housewares industry. He spent time working for Cole & Mason, Ulster Weavers, George East Housewares and DMD before founding D&C Supplies with his son Craig.

David holds a degree in philosophy from Mount Allison University and an MA in advanced composition from Royal College of Music (RCM). Afterwards, he completed his doctorate at McGill University, where he also served as assistant instructor for digital composition and audio/video production strategies.

David was a pioneering figure in his field, holding leadership roles on numerous committees and boards for arts and inter-museum organizations throughout his career. Additionally, he served as board member of the New York Federal Reserve Bank and UNESCO’s Senior Advisor for Heritage Protection and Conservation. To this day, David remains active in educational initiatives as well as philanthropy initiatives.

Personal Life

David Rafferty was an astute observer and quick witted individual who maintained a positive outlook in spite of difficult circumstances. His deep love for family extended to including his children and grandchildren whom he enjoyed spending time with whenever possible.

He was an enthusiastic physician and compassionate care provider, taking pleasure in building relationships with patients and their families by emphasizing the significance of preventative health, proper nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest.

He also has a passion for music. In 2004, he launched the website ‘David Rafferty Music’, which allowed people to download songs free of charge – including those by Rafferty as well as other artists.

Net Worth

David Rafferty is a singer-songwriter with an estimated net worth of $10 million. This fortune has been accrued through endorsements and other lucrative contracts.

He began his career in folk music and enjoyed some success. Throughout his most prosperous period, he enjoyed a successful partnership with Jon Brewer who managed him and wrote some of his songs.

Rafferty has been married to Santtu Seppala since 2001 and they have two children, Oona Gray and Iris Friday. His estimated net worth as of 2017 is $10 million; his salary around $200,000; he owns a luxury car; they reside in Beverly Hills, California with their family. As one of Hollywood’s wealthiest actors today, Rafferty enjoys an opulent lifestyle.

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