David Quarfoot

David Quarfoot – Award-Winning Math Educator

Over the course of his academic career, David Quarfoot has created visual aids to aid teachers in organizing math education. Additionally, he explores problems and their structure from a theoretical standpoint.

Crossword enthusiast, he creates grids that include everything from slang to obscure information gleaned from word databases. Often, he works together with students on Real Life-themed puzzles.

Early Life and Education

David Quarfoot is an award-winning educator with more than three decades of experience. He specializes in mathematics, computer science and statistics at all grade levels – from middle school to college. Recognized for his innovative teaching techniques and high standards, Quarfoot earned the 2007 Presidential Scholar Teacher award from Connecticut for his efforts. To enhance math education, he creates visualizations that help instructors better grasp complex topics while honing critical thinking skills. To top it all off, Quarfoot enjoys creating puzzles; having constructed over 40 crosswords for The New York Times newspaper!

Achievements and Honors

David Quarfoot is an accomplished math educator with extensive experience at both middle and high school levels. He has taught courses ranging from Prealgebra to Abstract Algebra and designed multilevel computer science curricula in C++ and Java. Throughout his career, David Quarfoot earned numerous awards and honors. Furthermore, he has worked in business development roles; authored multiple books and served on multiple industry advisory boards.

Personal Life

David Quarfoot is an inspiring educator, having taught mathematics from Prealgebra through Abstract Algebra at both the middle school and college levels. He received the Presidential Scholar Teacher Award from Connecticut in 2011 and specializes in statistics, machine learning and data science. His research explores the structure of mathematical problems, and he helps teachers better comprehend these intricate subjects by creating visual aids that organize students’ knowledge. When not working, Quarfoot enjoys writing, constructing crossword puzzles and playing classical music; he currently resides in Wallingford, Connecticut. Public records provide details on people’s personal lives such as family members, residences and contacts.

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