David Poxon

David Poxon

David Poxon is revered internationally for his breathtaking watercolour paintings that showcase precision and skillful craftmanship. Using an innovative multi glazing technique involving up to 17 layers of transparent paint on heavy paper, Poxon employs meticulous multi glazing processes in his intricate watercolour pieces.

He has also developed techniques for painting weathered metals and woods, which allow him to produce richly-hued watercolour paintings with textural qualities.

Early Life and Education

David Poxon hails from England’s industrial heartland but now makes Shropshire his home. A well-recognized artist and tutor, his watercolour paintings often reflect nature’s influence through layers of multi glazing transparent paint that delicately modulate colours below. David specialises in giving new life to what humans have neglected by reclaiming abandoned objects through reclamation techniques that give these once inert objects renewed life and giving new purpose in our daily lives.

His paintings take months to complete. Additionally, he is well known as an author and contributor to the art world, having written two books on drawing techniques as well as one containing information about watercolour art history. Additionally, he was elected member of both Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours and National Watercolor Society of America.

Professional Career

David Poxon is an award-winning artist who specializes in watercolor paintings. Using an innovative approach that utilizes earth pigments as inspiration for his pieces, David creates works characterized by textural and luminosity effects in his artwork. Additionally he runs workshops dedicated to watercolor and has received multiple major painting awards for his works.

Born and residing in the Industrial heartland of England, now living in Shropshire England he studies how nature reclaims what man has created and abandoned; his paintings take several weeks to complete with each layer modulating color underneath delicately modulating one another. A member of both Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours and National Watercolor Society of America.

Achievement and Honors

Master watercolourist David Poxon is known for his delicate multi-glazed paint jobs and stunning works of art created with these techniques. Elected to join the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours (RI), Poxon currently serves on their council as well.

Poxon has traveled the globe as an artist and connoisseur of art, music and cuisine. One of his notable achievements includes organizing the inaugural invitational international watercolour masters exhibition held at Weston Park in Shropshire England from May 16-29 2022; winning multiple accolades along the way including being awarded with National Watercolour Society of America’s ‘Masters of Watercolors’ award which he held for over 20 years now.

Personal Life

David Poxon is an esteemed artist renowned for the meticulous nature and artistry of his pure watercolour paintings, using a painstaking multi glazing process which may take weeks to finish.

He specializes in creating illusions of texture, depth and tonal contrast while also incorporating luminosity into his work.

His works often depict a reclamation process for objects created and abandoned by man, to capture the beauty and magic of time passing and renewing lives among objects and environments.

He is an elected member of both the Royal Institute (RI) and NWS (National Watercolour Society of America). In addition, he is author of two books on drawing techniques as well as contributing many articles and appearing in many art books globally.

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