David Potash

David Potash

David Potash is an esteemed educational leader and serves as president of Wilbur Wright College, an open access community college located in Chicago. Under his direction, Wright College has seen remarkable improvements to student success rates, created new programs and certificates, promoted equity initiatives, encouraged community service activities, enhanced apprenticeship opportunities for Hispanic learners, and served the city’s growing Hispanic population.

Early Life and Education

David Potash was raised in northern New Jersey as the son of Russian Jewish immigrants. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and English from Rice University, he pursued further study abroad in Europe.

After graduating, he worked as an electrician. Later he joined his two brothers in running their family business, Potash Market in Chicago.

He’s also a professor of history at Wilbur Wright College in Chicago and holds a PhD from Cambridge University.

Under Potash’s leadership, Wilbur Wright College has seen dramatic increases in student success rates, strengthened community service and civic engagement, expanded career programs and apprenticeships, and served the city’s growing Hispanic population. Furthermore, its Center of Excellence in Engineering and Computer Science has received national recognition.

Professional Career

David Potash has more than two decades of higher education administrative experience. When he joined Wright College in Chicago in 2013, his wealth of institutional knowledge brought to the job.

Prior to his election as president, Potash served as Chief Academic Officer at Curry College, a four-year institution located in Massachusetts. During his time there, he worked to foster faculty development, advance learning outcomes assessment and deepen Curry’s long-standing commitment to pedagogy and serving diverse learners.

Potash has held leadership roles in the global fertilizer industry for much of his professional career. He held senior executive positions within Nutrien’s Potash, Nitrogen and Phosphate business units while serving on their Market Intelligence Committee of the International Fertilizer Association. His expertise within this sector has been widely acknowledged and has had a major influence on their growth trajectory.

Achievements and Honors

David Potash has been the president of Wilbur Wright College since 2013, leading it to remarkable increases in student success, new programs and certificates, sustained efforts at equity, community service and civic engagement, career, workforce development initiatives and apprenticeship opportunities. Throughout these 15 years he has also maintained strong ties with alumni to foster long-term growth within the institution. He has also spearheaded the campus reimagining effort with an innovative philanthropy program and revised admissions strategy. Potash has earned honorable mention on the Chicago Sun-Times top ten highest paid CEOs of Illinois public institutions and was recognized by Chicago as its most effective mayor in history. A member of SEG’s board of directors, Potash is also an enthusiastic golfer and proud parent to four daughters.

Personal Life

Dave Potash is a morning news anchor and journalist renowned for his in-depth reporting on topics such as history, culture, and science.

He loves hiking and backcountry backpacking in his free time, as well as cooking delicious meals.

Potash, a Boston native, has been employed at WGN-TV since August 1994. Prior to that he worked for KOTV-TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

David Potash, president of Wilbur Wright College in northwest Chicago, has spearheaded major reforms that have improved student success and retention. Additionally, he created new degrees and certificates, encouraged community service and civic engagement, and expanded career programs and apprenticeships.

Net Worth

David Potash is an esteemed American morning news anchor currently employed by WGN-TV. He joined the network in August 1994 and has been hosting their morning newscasts ever since, beginning in 1995.

He is renowned for his in-depth reporting on culture, history and science. With an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars, he is widely respected in his field.

He has amassed a substantial income through his TV shows, partnerships, and reruns. Furthermore, he generates substantial cash from DVD deals and products.

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