David Poppie

David Poppie

David Poppie is a contemporary artist renowned for his vibrant abstractions that explore color’s role in movement, music and sound.

He often incorporates recycled materials, such as colored pencils, matchbook covers and other disposable objects into his work to explore modern culture’s disposable nature.

Early Life and Education

David Linn was born on October 1, 1925 on the farm that would later become his family home. For 74 years he and Bennie Ruth Moore remained faithful members of Nolan Methodist Church.

He was an adept sculptor of found objects, often using disposable items like colored pencils, matchbook covers and tea bags as subject matter for his pieces. Through his artwork he encouraged viewers to reconsider the value and role these mass-produced objects play in contemporary culture.

Early in his life, David Poppie became passionately invested in children. He observed their interactions and their environments and focused on how children developed. David especially cared for young people with illnesses or disabilities, making it his goal to ensure they received appropriate medical attention.

Professional Career

David Poppie is a multidisciplinary artist renowned for his paintings, sculpture, photography and assemblage work. He has shown in galleries, museums and private collections across the United States and is especially skilled in using colored pencils and matchbook covers in his assemblage pieces.

One of his most impressive works is a multi-media installation comprising colorfully framed photographs of Mission Hills Country Club Pond in Rancho Mirage, California. Not content to just create his large scale tribute to this classic hole-in-one scenario with pictures alone, Poppie also employed cutting edge technologies like 3D printing to make this remarkable masterpiece! Plus it’s not only impressive engineering – it’s also lots of fun!

Personal Life

David Poppie is an artist whose works explore themes related to color, movement, music and sound. Using colored pencils and matchbook covers as tools of expression he creates striking yet dynamic pieces with captivating textures and vibrant hues.

He has shown his work nationally, with pieces in the permanent collection at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Arizona. Additionally, he maintains his own studio gallery in Wisconsin.

He has worked in multiple media, such as watercolors, acrylics and oil pastels throughout his career. In total he has developed over 10 series of paintings including Abstract, Surrealism, Morph Dog, Up North Birch Bark Impressionistic Southwest Fireworks Famous Artist Paying Homage Garden Panorama etc.

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