David Paradzik

David Paradzik

David Paradzik is a well-known YouTube star. He began making 6-second comedic videos on Vine in 2013, and since then his fan base has grown considerably.

He owns a mansion in Los Angeles and also runs his own merchandise line, CLICKBAIT. This sells hoodies, t-shirts and phone cases.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Paradzik is an attorney and real estate developer. He holds a law degree from Mercer University, and has worked in the finance industry for more than ten years.

David began his career in the insurance industry, selling and quoting all types of policies. Additionally, he taught continuing education courses related to insurance and was an active member of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents.

He achieved prominence in the insurance business, earning himself respect among peers as an expert in several fields. His knowledge encompasses real estate development, debt & structured finance, investments in real estate, dealer transactions involving fine art & real estate, as well as business law. Furthermore, he graduated from the American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants national essay contest and achieved a 93 percentile score on the National ETS Business Exam.

Achievements and Honors

David Paradzik is a YouTube vlogger and social media star best known for his roles in Angry Birds Movie 2, America’s Most Musical Family and hosting the Teen Choice Awards. In recognition of his accomplishments and honors, David has received numerous awards.

He is the co-founder of Heart 2 Heart, an organization dedicated to health and wellness around the world. As both a certified hypnotherapist and licensed massage therapist, his skillset reflects this dedication.

He has received numerous prestigious scholarships and recognitions throughout his career, such as being named YouTube’s top influencer two years in a row and winning three Streamy Awards – one each for “First Person” and his “Vlog Squad.” A highly sought after talent with an intimate connection to his audience, he continues to amaze everyone with his charismatic presence.

Personal Life

David Paradzik is an online social media personality renowned for his YouTube channel. At 24 years old, the 24-year-old vlogger boasts between 18-18.5 million subscribers and has been ranked as the 5th most-watched YouTuber worldwide.

He is also a professional stuntman, having appeared in multiple movies such as Batman. Despite his success, the YouTuber remains very private about his personal life.

David enjoys traveling, playing sports and spending time with family. His favorite music is Ariana Grande’s hit singles as well as Portugal.

Net Worth

David Paradzik is a Slovakian-American YouTuber and social media star with an estimated net worth of $20 million. His social media platforms boast over 45 million followers across all platforms.

He has amassed a fortune through corporate sponsorships, product placement and his own apparel line. In 2020 alone he made $16 million from these sources – making him one of the richest vloggers globally.

He boasts over 18 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His most popular videos feature comedy skits with celebrities and his hilarious pranks. Additionally, he leads The Vlog Squad – other members include Jason Nash, Natalie Mariduena, Josh Peck, Zane Hijazi, and Heath Hussar – which has amassed an ardent following online.

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