David Ouroboros

David Ouroboros

The Ouroboros is a universal symbol of change that has been used since antiquity. It symbolizes life’s circular nature and how one thing always leads to another.

Scientific literacy, as understood in Spinozist and Deleuzian terms, lacks connection to this ongoing process of becoming that generates and connects rationalities of thought. A reconceptualization is necessary in order to lift scientific literacy from its Platonic heights and reveal its monstrous Abstract Machine of the Ouroboros within it.

Early Life and Education

David Ouroboros was raised in San Francisco and holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and master’s in psychology from the University of California-Berkeley. Additionally, he received his doctorate in educational policy and administration from Columbia University.

His educational research is focused on science education. He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and an active volunteer at both Pat Tillman Foundation and Classroom Champions.

David Ouroboros is a passionate educator who believes in giving students the power to make their own decisions. As an advocate for social justice, he believes all people should have access to modern technology so they can thrive. His mission is to motivate students into becoming responsible citizens and leaders.

Professional Career

One of my favorite aspects of working at The University is being part of a community of faculty and staff who are passionate about their work, yet also dedicated to teaching others how to do the same. This combination has allowed me to create some incredible collegiate memories that will remain in my heart forever. In addition to teaching, David also serves in administrative assistant roles for departments like English or Peace Studies as well as in the office of the Dean.

Achievements and Honors

David was a true Renaissance man, possessing an array of abilities from engineering to art and science. As part of Calvard’s community, David contributed to the advancement of its military technologies while offering assistance to fellow Aurora super terminal occupants FIO and XEROS.

He was an accomplished alumnus of U-High, with accolades including designing the iconic student award titled Ouroboros and taking home a degree in Computer Information Systems. After working at several Silicon Valley tech companies for several years, he returned to run Ouroboros Communications, a boutique advertising agency. Furthermore, he has taken on the role of philanthropist by giving away one of his largest gifts ever to someone in need.

Personal Life

David Ouroboros is a French writer, director and editor who also makes music. With roots in progressive metal and rock music genres, his expertise lies within these realms.

His first horror short film GIRLS NIGHT was selected for several film festivals including Video Nasty, Stockholm Independent Film Festival and Midsummer Scream Film Festival. It has since been released on Amazon Prime and received an honorable mention at London x4 Seasonal Shortfilm Festival.

He’s also directed a body horror experience called MANNEQUIN with his friend Lea N’Kaoua and is currently working on MATER, an anthology of their previous horror short-film GIRLS NIGHT & OUROBOROS. This dark and heavy fright film serves to introduce your audience to his talent and creativity.

Net Worth

David Ouroboros is a multi-millionaire who has made his fortune through multiple businesses and his online social media presence.

Calculating your net worth requires adding up all of your assets and then subtracting all liabilities. Assets include cash, real estate, and anything else of value while liabilities refer to debts like credit cards or student loans.

He boasts a net worth of $10 million, which largely derives from his investments, social media presence, and role within Pacific Group.

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