David Mountcastle

David Mountcastle

David Mountcastle serves as Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at Privia Health Group Inc, with extensive healthcare industry expertise.

He has worked with both start-up enterprises and large publicly listed corporations.

He previously held positions of Director-Finance & Information Systems with UnitedHealth Group Inc and Chief Financial & Accounting Officer with Privia Health Group Inc.

Early Life and Education

David Mountcastle credits his early life and education at a boarding school as formative experiences that helped pave the way to his current career in education.

Bowdoin College granted him an associate’s degree in business while St Mark’s School in Massachusetts awarded him his bachelor’s in biochemistry.

He holds an MBA with dual concentrations in finance and information systems from Virginia Commonwealth University and is also a CPA.

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Professional Career

David Mountcastle has an extensive background in professional services. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of Finance and CFO at Privia Health where his leadership increased their top line by more than 10 times within two years. Furthermore, Mountcastle led numerous notable corporate initiatives at Privia such as its subsidiary company “Privia Labs”, an artificial intelligence service provider which provides healthcare providers and payers with improved insight into patient data value while making informed decisions regarding how best to utilize it.

David holds many honors to his name, such as being honored as Cleveland Business Times’ Small and Medium Sized Business Person of the Year 2022. On top of his impressive career at Privia, David remains a dedicated Cleveland area resident where he raises three children and two grandchildren.

Achievement and Honors

Mountcastle has garnered numerous honors as an accomplished doctor. He was named one of the top plastic surgeons in Northern Virginia and published several articles related to cosmetic surgery.

Before joining Privia, David served as CFO for Brainware and VT iDirect Technologies where he guided their growth from start-up through strategic exit strategies for their investors. Additionally, he served as CFO for Southern Health.

He currently serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Privia. He holds both a Bachelor’s degree in accounting information systems from James Madison University as well as an MBA with dual concentrations in Finance and Information Systems from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Personal Life

David Mountcastle is an American lawyer and Chief Financial Officer of Privia Health Group Inc. He also practices General Trial Practice through his partnership at MOUNTCASTLE & KELLY Professional Corporation.

He holds membership with the Chicago, DuPage County and Illinois State Bar Associations.

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Net Worth

David Mountcastle serves as the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Privia Health Group. With more than two decades of experience working in healthcare, his expertise spans multiple sectors.

He has extensive experience working with start-up businesses as well as large publicly held ones, such as Privia – an innovative company offering physician enablement solutions to hospitals and medical groups throughout the US.

Privia has seen tremendous success expanding their business, earning the praise of investors as they build it out further. Recently they hired new executives as well. Even with recent insider selling activity, Privia Health Group remains a promising stock with great promise; with its innovative approach to healthcare reform gaining momentum. Investors should keep an eye out for opportunities to purchase this stock; insider trading may pose concerns, yet this stock should still be considered by serious buyers.

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