David Moretzsohn

David Moretzsohn

David Moretzsohn stands as an outstanding example of how one can achieve professional success while still giving back to their community. Gain more insight into his life, achievements and impactful legacy today!

Luiz Moretzsohn and Marge were committed to volunteering and giving back to the local community, which resulted in them creating the Moretzsohn Family Foundation.

Early Life and Education

David Moretzsohn was born in Philadelphia, PA to Luiz and Marge Moretzsohn.

He attended several schools, such as Bryn Mawr College. Additionally, he engaged in numerous community activities like volunteering for a nonprofit organization in his town.

David Moretzsohn loved sports and travel. As part of the Delaware County Youth Soccer League, he met local soccer players while also improving his skills. An avid reader and mathematician with an exceptional aptitude in math physics and astronomy – along with art and music. Active within his church and often volunteering alongside his wife; together they created The Moretzsohn Family Foundation; an philanthropic organization that benefits numerous charities in Chester County.

Professional Career

David has successfully executed hundreds of significant real estate transactions in Philadelphia area. He possesses extensive expertise in development, financing, leasing and partnership and joint venture formation as well as complex matters including community development projects such as LEED certification compliance with government funding and adaptive re-use of historical buildings.

Luiz and Marge Moretzsohn were very involved with local charities. They served on the Berwyn YMCA board, school board, Paoli Hospital board of trustees and Community Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM), an organization which sends doctors into low-income areas to provide healthcare. In 2000, The Moretzsohn Family Foundation was created based on Luiz and Marge’s desire to give back to Chester County and its surrounding communities.

Achievement and Honors

David Moretzsohn was an adept entrepreneur and successful business leader. As president of J & L Building Materials Inc, he oversaw an organizational transformation and implemented a new ERP system; furthermore he led company-wide rebranding initiatives as well. Furthermore, David was known as an avid philanthropist and community activist, leaving behind his wife Chris as well as their two daughters; all survived him after their passing away. ’74 BCE.

Personal Life

Luiz Moretzsohn was a successful businessman who wanted to give back to the community. He served on the boards of Paoli Hospital, Berwyn YMCA and school boards. Additionally, he volunteered at Community Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM), an organization which offers health services to working poor individuals.

Marge Moretzsohn, his wife, became interested in volunteering when they moved to Chester County together. She spent many hours volunteering at Paoli Auxiliary Thrift Shop – something her mother encouraged through encouraging volunteerism as part of her role.

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