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Artist Profile – David Molesky

The iconic figurative style of the Old Masters is back in fashion. David Molesky is one of a few artists who have adopted this tradition and made it their own.

Molesky has spent 18 months as an apprentice to Norwegian modern master Odd Nerdrum and brings a fresh approach to figurative painting. His series of artworks explores human psychological situations in our highly technological age through ambiguous, psychological narratives.

Early Life and Education

Early education is an incredibly influential time in a child’s development. It allows them to form meaningful relationships with their caregivers that will last throughout their lives.

At this stage of development, children’s brains are most receptive to learning. Therefore, it is critical that we provide them with adequate stimulation, encouragement and nurturing during this critical period.

David Molesky works to raise awareness about the significance of early childhood education and instructs students how to incorporate play as a primary teaching method in their classrooms.

Professional Career

David forwent a career in professional baseball to pursue an artistic path. Living and working out of his live/work loft in Brooklyn’s borough of Queens, he produced several works of art worthy of museum display. He was fortunate enough to secure studio space in Raleigh, NC and has made a name for himself on the art scene with regular exhibitions and opportunities to travel. It’s no wonder he has achieved such success! He has won over audiences at the Long Beach Museum of Art, participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the country, and earned himself recognition for his signature series of oil on canvas works. These include placements in permanent collections at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Pasinger Fabrik and Casa dell’Architettura as well as Smithsonian Institution.

Achievement and Honors

David Molesky is an accomplished oil painter whose artwork has been featured across America and beyond, earning him multiple awards including the esteemed APAA Artistic Achievement award. Additionally, his talents have been showcased through artist residency programs at major galleries and museums on both coasts. His artwork has also received recognition in publications such as Brooklyn Arts Council magazine, LA Times magazine and OC Weekly magazine.

Molesky manages to find time for the arts despite his increasingly hectic schedule and family responsibilities. A passionate admirer of art, he’s been a regular at institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and others. Additionally, Molesky has written numerous articles on design for various publications.

Personal Life

David Molesky is an internationally-renowned painter renowned for his figurative works. He has received multiple artist residencies throughout Europe and Asia.

He has been featured in many museums such as the Baltimore Museum of Art in Maryland; Pasinger Fabrik in Germany; Casa Dell’Architettura in Italy; and Telemarksgaleriet in Norway.

After receiving his BA from UC Berkeley, David pursued an array of apprenticeships with artists whose work drew from the rich tradition of figurative painting. His depictions of humans and environments have been showcased in multiple museum exhibitions.

Net Worth

David molesky is an award-winning painter with a net worth of $8 million. This wealth was earned through his career as both a painter and writer, making him widely renowned for his unique style of artwork that has been featured in multiple art magazines. His paintings draw inspiration from nature as well as his experiences living in Norway; they often depict figures finding serenity within flames in his artworks.

He is from Minnesota and holds a bachelor’s degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Prior to this he worked as a sports reporter at Dakota News Now before taking up a morning news reporting position at NBC 15 WMTV in Madison, Wisconsin.

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