David Loch

David Loch

David Loch, born 1743 and resident in Over Carnbee in Fife was an influential merchant and ship owner who participated in the annual convention of royal burghs and was appointed inspector-general of woollen manufactures in 1776.

He published Essays on the Trade, Commerce, Manufactures and Fisheries of Scotland in 1774 before his death in 1780.

Early Life and Education

David Loch was born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia. He enjoys reading biographies and nonfiction books about leadership and spiritual growth as well as traveling. David and Malia Loch are married with four children: Zeb, Gabriel, Isabella and Josiah. David currently serves as deacon at Calvary Memorial Church as well as coaching Breakthrough Basketball.

He holds a doctorate in pharmacology and research experience spanning molecular biology, genetic engineering and cancer biology. Dr. Slade is currently serving as our Brisbane biotechnology team’s Senior Associate; with postdoctoral work focusing on resistance biomarkers and companion diagnostics for cancer. Additionally, he has become adept at patent law; having been involved with international and Australian patent application preparation/prosecution processes as well as analyses/opposition proceedings for these patents.

Professional Career

Dave was a professional engineer specializing in water and wastewater capital projects. Additionally, he held leadership roles within the American Society of Civil Engineers as a certified project management professional, as well as membership in several community service organizations such as Rotary Club President in St Mary’s County Maryland.

David had an unwavering belief in learning and serving others as cornerstones to any successful career. Beyond R&A Scholar training, he successfully completed all formal greenkeeping education certification in Ireland and became the first Irish greenkeeper ever awarded Master Greenkeeper status. Furthermore, David served as tutor for other greenkeepers throughout his career; proud of his accomplishments he expressed immense thanks for all of the support received from GCSAI, his peers, and family alike.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

David Loch is an author, speaker and biographer residing in London. He holds memberships with both the Biographers’ Club and Society of Authors as well as acting as trustee for London Library.

He holds a PhD in Pharmacology, with extensive postdoctoral research experience focused on resistance biomarkers and companion diagnostics for cancer. A regular contributor to Australian scientific media outlets, Dr. Browne is published in over two dozen international peer-reviewed scientific journals.

He has an extensive public speaking history and is currently researching the private lives of global disruptive leaders. His insights have been featured on radio programs, podcasts and television.

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