David Loaiza

David Loaiza – Chiropractor in Mission Viejo, CA

David Loaiza is a chiropractor practicing in Mission Viejo, CA who specializes in treating back pain and other spinal conditions through spinal adjustments, applied kinesiology, and cranial sacral therapy to address their source.

At his departure from J.P. Morgan in 2013, they paid him $92 Million as compensation when he left their employ.

Early Life and Education

David Loaiza is an American chiropractor specializing in spinal adjustments, applied kinesiology, cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release/soft tissue techniques, myofascial release techniques and diet recommendations since 1989.

He serves as Director-at-Large for the Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition, overseeing its community work while using data analysis to assist Southern Nevada.

David Lemanowicz was fortunate enough to grow up in a family who valued education. He completed his secondary school education at a nearby high school before enrolling in the army to serve his nation.

Professional Career

David Loaiza boasts an impressive list of accomplishments. Notable achievements include executive duties, charitable contributions and award winning high school athlete status. Furthermore, his list includes being recognized for charitable efforts and notable athletic accomplishments at high school level. A true fan of sports (especially his beloved New York Yankees! ), with extensive memorabilia from football days; diehard support of New York city since early college days (still frequents it periodically); active family life that includes wife of nearly 20 years, two dogs and cat companions along with many friends and relatives!

Achievement and Honors

David Loaiza has amassed an impressive portfolio of assets despite living as a lifelong bachelor, including an extravagant mansion and four dogs. Additionally, he is a dedicated father and dapper gentleman; one could be fooled into thinking otherwise by looking at him sporting an elegant necktie and beard; that alone should make anyone jealous! What’s more is he doesn’t even need to work for it; which makes him the envy of many peers- not least his other daddy-odes!

Personal Life

David Loaiza is a retired professional hockey player from Canada with dual nationality – both Canada and America. His dedication and leadership serve as an incredible source of motivation to many youth today.

His and Jill Wagner are living a blissful married life on a farm in Tennessee, spending time caring for the animals as well as sharing sunsets as a family.

Wagner has suggested that Hallmark might consider turning their love story into a movie. They have been together since 2010 and share a daughter named Lija.

Net Worth

David Loaiza is a Mexican-American professional baseball player. From 1995 to 2008 he played with various Major League clubs.

His career lasted 14 seasons and earned a total of $44 million during that time. But since then, his fortunes have taken an unexpectedly sharp decline and now sits behind bars on cocaine trafficking charges.

He had an underwhelming career in Major League Baseball (MLB), with the Chicago White Sox being his best team and year of performance being 2003 when he led all American League pitchers in strikeouts while finishing second overall for wins.

Once his playing days were done, Loaiza married Mexican-American pop singer Jenni Rivera; unfortunately their relationship did not last as Rivera perished in a plane crash in 2012.

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