David Lessard

David Lessard

David Lessard is an architect who has helped realize multiple award-winning buildings from concept design through construction completion. His design philosophy centers around his belief that form and material must respond directly to context, culture and environment.

He holds a membership director seat on the AIA Middle East Chapter Board and continues his involvement with design through criticising, lecturing, conference participation and contributing editor roles.

Early Life and Education

David Lessard hails from Massachusetts but spent much of his childhood in Vermont. Since graduating from Bio Systems Institute in Tempe, Arizona in 2015 he has worked as a Respiratory Therapist. Recently he started work for Cook Medical located in Bloomington Indiana.

Lessard made several attempts to join the McGill Redmen but was sidelined due to an injury. Subsequently, he became an assistant coach on their team assisting in leading offensive line practices and managing academic support portfolio.

He was also coach for Sherbrooke Vert & Or football team from 2007 to 2016, leading it to four playoff berths and an 18-24 record during that time. Mariette predeceased him, yet he leaves four daughters behind: Jacqueline Woitkowski, Claire Brunault, Suzanne Mazza and Jo-Ann DiBurro; eight grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren are surviving him today.

Professional Career

David Lessard has been an enthusiastic cyclist since 2013 and joined the Adventure Cycling Association shortly thereafter. Based out of Missoula, Montana he commutes by bicycle regularly while also taking pleasure in exploring his surroundings.

He is also an esteemed researcher in information technology and healthcare, having led research projects ranging from international security/information assurance, remote healthcare and artificial intelligence/robotics. His efforts have assisted in improving healthcare quality worldwide as well as saving lives. For his achievements he was recognized by MIT, Academy of International Business and Engineering Projects Organization Society among others; most notably receiving their Class of 1960 Professor of the Year award which recognizes faculty who have made significant contributions to both academic and executive programs at MIT.

Achievement and Honors

David Lessard made waves when leading the McGill Redmen to victory in 2016’s RSEQ conference championship game. Additionally, Lessard is known for being an exceptional coach while managing academic support portfolio at his department – which requires quite some juggling! Upon hearing of Lessard being selected to join Quebec program of excellence he quickly met all requirements set for him by officials there.

At a recent Town Board meeting, David was one of many notables recognized by his peers. After nearly 40 years with the Winthrop Police Department and numerous accolades from law enforcement associations in Winthrop County, he was honored with an impressive silver bullet certificate that is proudly displayed on his desk. Many members of council including Supervisor Yvette Aguiar offered their well-wishes and acknowledged all that he has accomplished during that time.

Personal Life

Dave Lessard has an esteemed career in international management. He taught at MIT and oversaw academic and executive programs. Furthermore, he served as founding faculty director of MIT’s Executive MBA and initiated its signature GO-Lab program.

He is also a member of the Academy of International Business and has served both as President and Dean of its Fellows.

David is an expert in healthcare, hospitality and lifestyle residential projects and has contributed to award winning buildings across the Middle East, Europe and United States. His design philosophy revolves around his understanding that form and materiality should reflect their respective context, culture and environment – something he actively shares his expertise through criticising designs criticising lectures conference participations as a contributing editor and being active within wider design communities demonstrating thought leadership within hospitality design.

Net Worth

David Lessard is a Canadian YouTube and social media influencer with an estimated net worth of $5 Million. His self-titled channel boasts over one million subscribers while Instagram hosts over two hundred thousand. He features cooking tutorials, baking tips and challenges in both channels; born August 1964 and currently living in Saint Petersburg Florida where his annual salary stands at $250,000 with single family homes between $75K-99K in value as assets owned and a single-family residence valued between $75K-99K being owned. Married and father to two children as well as having grandparents married 35 years in total! Jeannette Lessard completes their family circle as

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