David Kiser

David Kiser

David Kiser is a musician and singer who has been married to his high school sweetheart Deana for over 25 years. Additionally, he co-owns Heart 2 Heart – an ensemble of singers that perform in local churches and concerts around North Carolina.

He teaches theory, piano, organ and class piano at Anderson University. In addition to his classroom duties, he has performed virtuosic piano music in numerous recital halls and church services.

Early Life and Education

David Kiser is a pianist who teaches at South Carolina School of the Arts and hosts an hour of piano music on South Carolina Public Radio. He earned his master’s degree in piano performance from Converse College under Douglas Weeks’ tutelage.

He has performed as a soloist and with the Carolina Youth Symphony. Additionally, he was featured at Piccolo Spoleto Festivals in Charleston and Perugia.

He is a founding member of Heart 2 Heart and co-founded the group in 1998. As Executive Director for Greenville County Youth Orchestra, he oversees their extensive education initiatives. Additionally, he launched a student ambassadors program which connects local high school students to the symphony.

Professional Career

David Kiser is a lawyer by profession who specializes in tort and business litigation. His expertise extends to matters such as personal injury/wrongful death, professional liability, medical malpractice, commercial disputes, real estate deals, construction projects, insurance claims and utility disputes.

He has represented clients in a wide range of civil trial and arbitration proceedings, including jury and bench trials as well as administrative hearings. His specialty lies within health care and senior living where he represents multiple facilities on matters ranging from contract claims and fraud claims to long-term care disputes, transportation problems, and professional liability concerns.

Achievements and Honors

David Kiser has made a lasting impact in music education. He holds a master’s degree in piano performance from Converse College and founded the Greenville County Youth Orchestra with his wife Lisa Won Jung, principal pianist of the Greenville Symphony. They share two children who share his enthusiasm for performing as avid music lovers.

He has received numerous honors for his professional achievements, such as Kodak’s CEO Diversity Award and being named first place winner in the piano department of a statewide piano competition. Beyond these accomplishments, David has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to excellence in his profession by joining The Nature Conservancy’s International Leadership Council and serving on its Boards at Central & Western New York Nature Conservancy and Great Lakes Industries Council.

Personal Life

David Kiser’s life was marked by his devotion to God. He followed Him throughout every stage of life and was fortunate to have godly parents, a dedicated wife, as well as loving children and grandchildren.

He loved spending time with his family and friends, as well as gardening and splitting wood.

His passion for music and traditional forms was evident through his performances of Old Time and Appalachian music on concert tours throughout our region, as well as internationally.

David is passionate about teaching traditional music and has extensive expertise on this subject. In addition to being a piano teacher, David is also an accomplished performer who has played at Twichell Auditorium and other recital halls throughout South Carolina.

Net Worth

David Kiser has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He serves as Senior Advisor for DISH Network Corporation and owns approximately 129,107 shares of the company.

According to his form 4 filed with the SEC, he has made several trades on Arrow stock over the last three and 18 months. The largest trade was exercising 6,150 units worth $129,273 on November 21st 2022.

He hosts an hour of piano music on South Carolina Public Radio called On the Keys and has performed in Charleston and Spoleto, Italy. Holding a degree in piano performance from Converse College, he also studied organ and teaches at a local school while being part of Heart 2 Heart – a Christian rock group.

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