David Kilgore

David Kilgore – Ultra Runner and Trail Athlete

Throughout high school and college, David Kilgore chased cross country and track records. He was a double-or-nothing runner who always challenged himself to run faster and longer.

The Holy Trinity alum now works as a global head of sports innovation for On running shoes. In his spare time, he runs ultra-distance trail races in the U.S. and abroad.

Early Life and Education

During his time at Holy Trinity, David Kilgore earned four high school state titles. He is currently a redshirt freshman at the University of Colorado.

As a student athlete, david Kilgore excelled in both track and cross country. He was also a two-time 1A state champion in the 1600 meter race.

Athletes like David Kilgore are the reason why there is a Space Coast Sports Hall of Fame in Brevard County. He is one of the top runners in Florida and is considered to be among the best ever from our region.

David Kilgore’s path to becoming a successful runner wasn’t an easy one, but he persevered. He now holds several records, including the fastest time in the Brooklyn Mile, and is a member of the prestigious National Champion University of Colorado Buffaloes running team.

Professional Career

david kilgore is a professional athlete with a passion for trail running. He currently runs professionally for On Running, and is also a trail athlete manager and race director.

Kilgore has run a number of races throughout his career including the Space Coast Marathon and Florida state championships in cross country and 1600 meters. He is also a member of the Space Coast Sports Hall of Fame.

Kilgore started running in middle school and soon realized he had something special. He went on to have a stellar high school career with four state titles in cross country and 1600 meters, and is currently a redshirt freshman at the University of Colorado. He has won several college and national championships. He was also recognized as the USATF Male Athlete of the Year in 2016.

Achievements and Honors

In the world of ultra-running, there aren’t many who can compete with David Kilgore. His most recent accomplishment was a feat that has stunned the global athletic community: running seven marathons across seven continents in just seven days.

He is a Space Coast Sports Hall of Fame inductee and he was named the USATF Male Athlete of the Year.

A four-time state champion and a member of the national championship team at University of Colorado, Kilgore was known for his power and versatility as a runner.

A lifelong advocate for open government, Kilgore is a founding member of the Pulliam/Kilgore Freedom of Information Internship Program and served as the SPJ regional director in Texas. He also served as a board member of the SPJ Foundation.

Personal Life

David Kilgore is a Floridian who now calls New York home. He’s an ultra runner and trail connoisseur who enjoys the challenges of running the trails in his city.

He started out running in the 5th grade and competed in a few races at the college level. He also has a background in music and is a full time professional pianist, singer and entertainer.

He has made a name for himself in the industry, working as a global Head of Sports Innovation at On and becoming an athlete sponsored by the brand. He has also race directed a few events as well, including the Tarawera 102km in February. He’s got a lot to say about his experiences and the many ways in which running has shaped his life.

Net Worth

David Kilgore has an estimated net worth of $1,800,000. He earned the net worth from his investments in Netflix and LinkedIn.

A former track and cross country standout at Holy Trinity, Kilgore is now a redshirt freshman at the University of Colorado. He has won four state championships.

He has also been named a Nike Footwear Representative. He has run several ultra distance races, including 50 kilometers and 100 miles.

When he was living in Palm Bay, Florida, Kilgore ran a few ultra races that were cancelled. He had always wanted to run a 100-mile race, so when he flew down to New York City after the outbreak of COVID-19, he decided to give it a shot.

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