David Jewett

David Jewett – Lumberjack and Timbersports Star

David Jewett is a world-record-holding lumberjack who competes in Timbersports, head-to-head competitions that test strength, speed and agility by using chain saws, axes, crosscut saws and other equipment to cut up trees.

He was born in Hamilton, Ontario and grew up around Inverhuron. Afterwards he wed Patsy Goetz.

Early Life and Education

David Jewett was born on June 17, 1939 in Providence, Rhode Island and attended Taunton High School before earning an AB in Biology from Harvard College.

He then moved to Falmouth, Massachusetts, where he lived until moving to Venice, Florida. His passions included traveling and playing jazz music.

Dave was previously a member of the Lighthouse Swing Band and 8thDegree Big Band before joining Howlin’ Dog Vintage Jazz Band. Additionally, he performed at Bruce Inn and Park House in Goderich, where he often enjoyed relaxing on their patios.

He was the proud papa of three, his two sons Steve and Dave growing up in Hingham and Scituate respectively; their brother Tom (30), is a musician honing his craft in Cambridge.

Professional Career

Dave Jewett is a professional lumberjack who has earned himself 30 world titles and gained notoriety in competitive sport. This year he competed at several STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series competitions as well as competing at the esteemed World Championships.

He takes great pleasure in his work and strives to continually improve. When not on the course, you can find him coaching and judging the next generation of lumberjacks.

Jewett, a Wichita native, is opening “Forge,” in the former District Taqueria location at 917 E. Douglas St. The restaurant will feature casual steakhouse fare with an emphasis on craft cocktails and is expected to open its doors in February 2019.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Jewett has earned a wealth of accolades throughout his career. He is a highly-acclaimed competitive timbersports athlete and coach, and has made multiple appearances on national television programs.

He is also a hydrogeologist for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), where his research and technical support focuses on site characterization and subsurface remediation.

Dave is a lifelong resident of Pittsford, New York and has been an integral part of the community for decades. When Dave had to undergo kidney surgery, residents came together to support him financially – even providing partial coverage!

Personal Life

Dave Jewett was an accomplished musician, traveler, community supporter and man with a zest for life. His journeys took him to New York City, Newfoundland, Colombia as well as points across America and Europe.

He is an accomplished lumberjack and woodworker, having broken over 25 world records. He is widely regarded as the best emmisary in Timbersports, becoming an International Timbersports Champion in the process.

On July 31, 1959, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA, He graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in geology and went on to earn his doctorate in hydrology from the same institution.

Net Worth

Dave Jewett is an esteemed chemistry teacher based in Seattle with a net worth of approximately $1 million and annual salaries ranging from $60k to $100k.

He was married to Mackenzie Scott for four years until their separation in March 2021. They have four children together.

In September 2022, the couple filed for divorce but there is little information available. It remains uncertain if they are splitting their property equally or have a prenup agreement in place.

Jewett, in addition to his teaching job, runs an online store selling chain saw-carved eagles and bears. He’s also a frequent vendor at a local dairy for chain saw carving. A passionate community supporter, traveler and musician, Jewett lives life to the fullest.

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