David Hohensee

David Hohensee

David Hohensee is a 61-year old resident of Jersey City, NJ who excels as both an athlete and businessman.

David Hohensee is the owner of South House Restaurant in Jersey City, NJ which he recently closed down permanently.

Early Life and Education

David Hohensee was born in 1919 and grew up in Stromsburg, Nebraska. He attended high school and college there before embarking on his professional journey.

He was an English teacher and principal, as well as being involved in numerous professional organizations. Additionally, he volunteered at the state health initiative program.

In his free time, he enjoyed playing pinochle and golf. Additionally, he took time out of work to spend quality time with his family.

Hohensee also maintained contact with his son Chadd and hopes to build a closer bond with him now that he knows who his real father is. Now, Hohensee looks forward to spending more time with his family and laying the foundation for an exciting future together. Recently, Hohensee purchased a home in Streamwood, Illinois – he and Deborah plan to move there in July.

Professional Career

David Hohensee was an arena football coach for several teams, most recently the Portland Thunder. In 2014 he succeeded Matthew Sauk as coach and guided them to an impressive 5-13 record and AFL playoff victory against San Jose Sabercats, but his tenure ended after just one season, according to today’s announcement by the team.

He spent 18 years as a high school English teacher and principal at Raymond Central High School and Centura High School before retiring in 2000. A loving husband, father, grandfather, renowned author and speaker, he was also a member of the Nebraska Education Association as well as many professional organizations. When not reading or watching Star Trek with his family, he enjoyed playing golf and traveling extensively – no doubt an inspiring combination!

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

David Hohensee is a 6-foot, 260-pound Tight End who recently committed to Syracuse Orange. Married to Deborah, David has one son from his previous marriage named Chadd, whom he keeps in contact with.

At 14, Hohensee realized his father wasn’t who he thought he was; yet he couldn’t quite figure out why.

Hohensee decided it was time for some action after receiving a phone call from his grandmother, who revealed that David Suzuki, his real father, had passed away near San Diego.

He began searching and was fortunate enough to come across him within a month. They exchanged pictures and made plans for them to meet in person, so now he has an entire new family to love and cherish.

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