David Heap

David Heap

David Heap is a linguist and professor of French Studies at Western University in Canada. He has been arrested twice while trying to join anti-Israel flotilla missions to Gaza.

He is an advocate for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. He coordinated media work for the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, challenging Gaza’s blockade and advocating freedom of movement for all Palestinians.

Early Life and Education

David heap was born in the north of England and raised on a farm. An avid hiker, he has explored the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, Scotland, and various parts of France.

He has a keen interest in underground exploration, having participated in cave diving expeditions throughout the UK, France and Tasmania.

On his travels, he has also volunteered for the British Hiking Society as an instructor and guide.

Heap is an accomplished actor and comedian, having starred in various television comedy roles such as Brass Eye, Big Train, Spaced, Jam, Green Wing and Friday Night Dinner. Additionally he wrote and starred in several short films while also illustrating several children’s books which have received positive reviews from critics and publishers alike.

Professional Career

Heap has had a storied and successful professional career in the business world. Most recently, he served as CEO of TCSJOHNHUXLEY, an innovative provider and manufacturer of live table gaming products and services.

His career has been recognized by peers and he was selected to Super Lawyers from 2007 – 2009. His practice areas include Employee Benefits, Insurance and Tax Law.

David has a passion for aiding individuals and businesses reach their objectives. By cultivating trusting relationships with his clients, David can offer solutions that will assist them in reaching those objectives. David loves playing golf – he’s even a scratch golfer! Additionally, he cherishes spending time with his family members; he and his wife Carol Busath have three children.

Achievement and Honors

David Heap has had an illustrious career in the entertainment industry. For his part in creating and producing some of Hollywood’s most beloved movies, he has earned numerous awards – including a special Academy Award for The Artist.

Heap has also been credited with producing some of contemporary music’s most ground-breaking songs. One such venture, called Life Of A Song, utilizes blockchain and decentralized computer systems that enable musicians to track their royalties and share the monetary bounty fairly and equally.

David heap is not only a talented musician, but an activist as well. He was arrested twice while trying to join anti-Israel flotilla missions to Gaza – no small feat given Israel’s security measures in place.

Personal Life

David heap has a cheerful disposition and an inquisitive mind. He enjoys exploring new things with his family, whom he adores dearly.

He enjoys his job and travels frequently; he’s lived in Ireland for many years now.

He is a lawyer who specializes in Employee Benefits matters. He has been recognized by his peers, being selected to Super Lawyers from 2007-2009.

Net Worth

David heap is an acclaimed music producer and film soundtrack composer with a net worth of $65 million. This success stems from his collaborations with numerous renowned artists, such as James Bond.

He is best known for founding Hobby Lobby, an arts-and-crafts chain founded on biblical principles such as tithing and giving to charity. Through this business empire he has amassed a billion-dollar empire.

Heap made her debut as a singer-songwriter at 18 with Almo Sounds, an independent record label. Later she collaborated with Guy Sigsworth and Acacia, an experimental pop band; they released one album together and were considered successful until their funding was cut by the label.

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