David Gammon

David Gammon

Gammon is an intriguing figure in Boston’s theater world. He’s one of Boston’s most creative thinkers and an unflinching director.

Gammon has a way of transporting us into other worlds, whether directing plays by Shakespeare or Kuntz. His direction often leaves us uncertain of our place within them.

Early Life and Education

David Gammon earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, where he studied sculpture, painting and photography with Ritsuko Taho, Nan Freedman, Rosamund Purcell and Christopher James. He is the founder and president of Rockspring Investment Bank–an investment bank that provides capital and advice to early stage technology companies.

He has directed more than 25 world-premiere original productions and dance-theatre pieces. His expertise lies in experimental, devised, and movement-based performance work.

He has directed productions at many educational institutions around Boston, such as Harvard University, MIT, The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Brandeis University, Suffolk University, Emerson College and Concord Academy. Furthermore, he is an acclaimed guest lecturer on dramatic craft.

Professional Career

Dave Gammon is an acclaimed professional actor who has starred in numerous productions. He’s best known for his roles as manager in the Major League film series.

He has directed several films, such as The District (2000), Invasion (2005) and JAG (1995).

As business recruitment supervisor for Charlotte County, Dave has accomplished much by leading numerous projects like Sunseeker Resort, Murdock Village, MetalCraft Marine and Amigo Pallets. With his enthusiasm, he hopes to continue leading these endeavors as well as other economic development efforts in our region.

Gammons makes theater-as-steel-cage match look effortless in “Blackbird,” where he surrounds Marianna Bassham and Bates Wilder with stunning design to create an eerie chemistry that is truly remarkable.

Achievements and Honors

David Gammon is an award-winning director, designer, visual artist and theatre educator. His courses cover topics such as directing, devising, design & visual thinking, acting, Shakespearean text analysis and contemporary performance practice.

He has a particular passion for experimental, devised, and movement-based performance work. To date he has created and directed over twenty-five world premiere original productions as well as dance-theatre pieces.

He is the founder and CEO of Rockspring, an early-stage technology investment firm with a successful track record in UK-based companies. Prior to founding Rockspring, he spent seventeen years in investment banking, bringing with him an impressive amount of financial knowledge and experience for his business ventures.

Personal Life

David Gammon is the CEO and founder of Rockspring, a family-owned angel investment company. With 17 years of investment banking experience under his belt, David brings with him an extensive knowledge base, as well as his personal passion for computing and artificial intelligence.

He serves as Non-Executive Chairman of Frontier Developments plc, a computer games company. Additionally, he is an advisor to the Scale Up Institute on their Finance and Growth Capital Committee and holds NED status at Deepmind Technologies Ltd. His board experience spans from four-person startups to PS400 million acquisitions, serving on various committees throughout these organizations.

He is particularly passionate about experimental, devised, and movement-based performance work. To date he has created and directed over twenty-five world premiere original productions.

Net Worth

David Gammon is an inventor and businessman who boasts a net worth of $22 million. This fortune has been amassed through his professional and personal career; currently serving as CEO/founder of Rockspring, a family-owned angel investment firm. Additionally, with 17 years in investment banking under his belt, David brings with him extensive financial knowledge and proficiency. Furthermore, David has an interest in computing technologies, particularly artificial intelligence.

He is a proud supporter of the RAEng Launchpad Competition, an initiative to encourage young engineers and innovators. Additionally, he serves on the Equity Release Council’s risk committee and expert working group. In his free time he enjoys music and art; married to Davinia Taylor since 1997 with two children by her.

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