David Galchutt

David Galchutt

David Galchutt has been a professional illustrator in southern California for more than three decades. In the beginning, his portfolio included some advertising illustration but over time his focus has primarily been on children’s book illustration and publishing.

In 1993 he wrote and illustrated his own children’s book, There Was Magic Inside, published by Simon and Schuster. To this day he freelances for children’s magazines such as Highlights for Children which he enjoyed reading as a child.

Early Life and Education

David Galchutt was born in Southern California into an artistic environment; his parents both worked as graphic designers. These disciplines greatly influenced him, often incorporating them into his artwork. After graduating from Art Center College of Design in 1981, David has been a professional illustrator ever since – mostly working within children’s publishing and toy industries. In 2010 he won The Association of Educational Publishers’ award for best children’s magazine illustration of the year (ages 9-11) and today his work can be found in Highlights for Children magazine.

He prefers oils over watercolor, and his artwork typically begins with numerous thumbnail sketches before he begins painting.

Professional Career

David Galchutt, a Southern California native and illustrator for over 30 years, has been working as an illustrator in the children’s industry. While he began by doing some advertising illustrations, his main focus has been working for toy companies and publishing houses alike. In 1993 he co-wrote and illustrated There Was Magic Inside with Simon and Schuster; since then he has freelanced for numerous children’s publications such as Highlights for Children where in 2010 he won an award from The Association of Educational Publishers for best children’s magazine illustration (ages 9-11) category.

David has an eye-catching design aesthetic and excels at incorporating costume details into his illustrations. We are delighted to showcase a selection of folk art style murals created by this talented artist.

Achievements and Honors

David Galchutt has been an illustrator for over three decades, but his primary focus has always been the children’s industry. He began by doing some advertising illustration but now freelances for children’s publishing and toy companies. Additionally, he wrote and illustrated a children’s book called There Was Magic Inside which was published by Simon and Schuster in 1993. Beyond work in children’s publications, David also continues his freelance work for Highlights for Children which remains especially rewarding since he had an early subscription as a child.

He was raised in an artistic family – his father was a graphic designer and his mother was a costume designer. After studying art at Art Center College of Design in 1981, he has been working as a professional illustrator ever since. When given the opportunity, he enjoys combining design and costume elements into his illustrations.

Personal Life

David Galchutt is a Southern Californian who has been an illustrator for three decades. He began as an advertising illustrator but soon after transitioned into children’s art, publishing and toy design. His artwork has won him many accolades and awards over the years; including one in 2010 from Association of Educational Publishers for best children’s magazine illustration (ages 9-11). Additionally, David enjoys designing giftware items and has an online Etsy store where he sells his creations.

His favorite medium is oils and he works in a traditional style with many thumbnail sketches before the final product is completed. He loves using vibrant color combinations and draws inspiration from fine art, nature, medieval art and sculpture as well as architecture. Furthermore, he often incorporates costume into his artwork.

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