David Freet

David Freet – Cyber Reverse Engineer and Vulnerability Researcher at Parsons Corporation

David Freet is a Cyber Reverse Engineer and Vulnerability Researcher at Parsons Corporation with over 26 years of expertise.

He actively participated in his community, particularly at Lycoming College where he served on the Board to provide scholarships for students. Furthermore, as an Elder and member of Pine Street Presbyterian Church’s Financial and Security Task Forces, he dedicated time and resources to that organization.

Early Life and Education

David Freet’s early life was full of joy, adventure and the chance to learn and develop. He was an avid hunter, outdoorsman and golfer by passion.

He and his wife Jane took great pleasure in collecting antiques and memorabilia, with his name proudly immortalized on Lycoming College’s Freet Plaza.

David had a deep-seated belief in the value of an excellent education and dedicated his energy and philanthropy towards it. He was particularly supportive of programs like the Freet Endowed Scholarship Fund and Lycoming College School of Law, where he served as Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Professional Career

David Freet is an acclaimed cyber security expert with an impressive list of accomplishments to his credit. Additionally, he’s a proud dad to two beautiful daughters.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Penn State and an master’s in business administration from Pennsylvania State University. Additionally, he is certified as an information systems professional and an experienced member of the security industry.

He has had an illustrious career that spans three decades. As senior manager for a major telecom provider, he earned himself numerous awards and recognitions. However, none quite compare to his position as Executive Vice President of Lycoming College where he spearheaded numerous key initiatives such as marketing and alumni relations, student retention rates enhancement, and campus security measures.

Achievement and Honors

David freet was an exemplary individual in many fields. His success in entertainment and his contributions to society earned him much acclaim and numerous honors.

He was honored with the Distinct Character Lifetime Achievement Award by the City of Cedar Hill for his good deed and devotion to his community.

He had a deep commitment to education and helping students reach their full potential. As chairman of the Lycoming College Board of Trustees, he provided scholarships for deserving students.

Personal Life

David Freet had an enthralling personal life, filled with family, friends, hunting and golf. Additionally, he collected telephone memorabilia and was an active volunteer in his community.

After retiring in July 2008, he and his wife Jane could devote more time to enjoying their interests. They enjoyed frequent family visits, private vacations, golf outings (including Pebble Beach), as well as continued success with hunting endeavors.

David was passionate about providing financial assistance to students in need during his tenure on the Lycoming College Board of Trustees. Additionally, he was an outspoken supporter of higher education generally.

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