David Foyer

David Foyer

David Foyer is an award-winning television producer known for her work on Marvel’s “FlashForward”.

In 2019, her life changed when her daughter Bella was taken from her by a state child welfare agency and placed with a domestic violence coordinator on Kauai. Now, she is fighting back with an actionable lawsuit against them both for custody.

Early Life and Education

Fouquet was one of the first French artists to travel to Italy and experience early Italian Renaissance art first-hand.

Jean Fouquet was a native of Tours, France who was born around 1420. Although not much is known about his early life or education, it’s likely he studied under the Bedford Master in Paris before heading off to Italy before 1447 where he took note of Quattrocento artists like Fra Angelico’s progress.

Once he returned to France, he developed his own distinctive style of painting by blending together elements from Italian art with the fine characterization and detail of Flemish art. His powerful influence could be felt throughout contemporary art circles.

Professional Career

David leads KPMG’s Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) group by using market leading technology, data science and automation to support robust FTC claims. Additionally, he serves as one of the driving forces behind ThinkPay: an employment tax and payroll advisory service combining specialist capabilities from risk, workplace relations, tax law and data analytics in order to provide an efficient solution that enhances performance while minimising costs, time and risk.

David is an expert solutions-oriented Realtor with a refreshing realness, who prides himself on his knowledge of real estate trends and leverages his vast network of contacts to make each transaction the best it can be. If you’re relocating to Greater Atlanta, purchasing or selling an estate property, or need to sell your current residence he is your agent of choice!

Achievement and Honors

David was an outstanding student and high achiever. Additionally, he was an exceptional father who made time for his children. Together with Paula he took their girls on numerous adventures that introduced them to new places, experiences and cuisine.

Paula and James often took trips to their family cabin in the Berkshires for hiking, swimming, stargazing and solving puzzles by the fire. Additionally, attending their children’s dance recitals or sports events was important – always being there to cheer them on was part of his daily life!

Prouty students were honored for his achievements and looked up to him as a role model. As a result, he was named a Distinguished Alumni and his portrait hangs prominently in its foyer.

Personal Life

David Foyer is an Atlanta real estate agent who has assisted families in finding their ideal homes. An active member of his community, he works tirelessly to provide his clients with lives filled with adventure.

His success has been recognized by both clients and colleagues, earning him one of Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Residential Real Estate Up and Comers as well as being honored with an honorable mention in Atlanta Magazine’s Real Estate All-Stars list.

He is widely known for his turbulent marriage to Yolanda Foster, whom he divorced after 17 years together in 2015. They share three daughters.

Net Worth

Millions have watched David Foster’s career as a musician, songwriter, record producer and music executive closely over many decades. Not only has he helped discover many popular musicians over that period but has also amassed an enormous fortune along the way.

David Foster has successfully navigated four divorces while still managing to excel professionally and personally. He has discovered and produced for many well-known artists, won multiple awards, and raised hundreds of millions for charity through the David Foster Foundation.

As a result, David Foster boasts an astounding net worth of $150 Million. This staggering wealth has been built through discovering and producing for some of the most prominent artists worldwide including Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Celine Dion and Toni Braxton.

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