David Dobrik

David Dobrik

David Dobrik is an American YouTuber who has quickly risen to social media stardom since starting out on Vine. When YouTube came knocking, however, Dobrik made the transition and has become one of the biggest YouTube personalities today.

Dobrik began performing comedy routines from an early age. Known for being the class clown and often making people laugh in class and beyond.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Movsisian has made quite an impactful name for himself in the entertainment world. His videos on YouTube are hugely popular with millions of subscribers worldwide.

He has made a name for himself in entertainment due to his passion for life and people, earning himself recognition with infectious smiles and charitable spirit.

He always makes it his priority to assist others and is also an avid tennis player.

David is an established YouTube vlogger since 2015, posting three videos weekly to his channel. Known for his comedic routines and video series.

Achievement and Honors

David Movsisian has long been recognized as an esteemed journalist. Over his long career, he has earned many honors and awards for his groundbreaking and investigative reporting efforts.

Additionally, he has served on multiple committees of the Maryland General Assembly and written various articles and books.

He loved spending his free time with his family. He was a passionate and devoted husband, father, and grandfather who relished laughing together and sharing his faith through games like bingo.

Personal Life

David Movsisian is an established internet comedian. He has become very popular on both TikTok and Instagram where he posts short comedy videos featuring himself and his partner.

He finds pleasure in playing ultimate frisbee, cycling and exploring new home cooking techniques. Additionally, he gives back to the community through coaching youth ultimate and organizing adult recreational leagues.

David hails from Slovakia and currently resides with his family in Vernon Hills, Illinois. He has three siblings – Ester, Sara and Toby.

Net Worth

David Dobrik is a Slovak-American internet celebrity renowned for making millions from his videos and vlogs on YouTube, where his channel boasts over 13 million subscribers.

Forbes and business insiders estimate his net worth at over two million dollars, thanks to his career as an internet celebrity and sales of products via his videos.

Dobrik remains low-key despite his success and keeps his personal life out of the spotlight. He does not reveal details of his finances to media sources and generally avoids social media as much as possible.

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