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David Dalbey Net Worth

David Dalbey is a well-known figure in the construction industry. He holds a degree in construction science and management from Kansas State University.

He began his career in the construction industry, but ultimately chose to focus on virtual design and construction. Since 2013, he has been employed at McCownGordon Construction.

Early Life and Education

David Earl Dalbey is an American political activist, actor and model. He also has a background as a writer and social anthropologist.

He has an avid interest in politics and has participated in multiple elections. Additionally, he belongs to various political organizations such as WeAreChange and Restore the Fourth.

David was a lifelong learner, earning his doctorate in social anthropology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he also served as professor for some time.

He began his educational journey when he was eight, being sent away to boarding school where he made friends with Tommy Traddles and James Steerforth. Upon leaving school, he worked at a wine-bottling company while maintaining his friendship with Peggotty. Ultimately, he went on to become a proctor, helping people resolve legal disputes.

Professional Career

Dalbey, a professional cyclist, has built up an impressive bankroll and remains on the hunt for his next big payday. Known for his high-octane cyclocross style, he also exhibits an inquisitive nature and passion for all things sporty. His latest project involves Team Waste Management Cycling which he calls home at present; furthermore he belongs to Jelly Belly Touring Club and competes on l’Abitibi circuit races.

One of the many rewards of Dalbey’s job is that he gets to travel around the country, experiencing new cities and towns along the way. He is an devoted father and husband who enjoys entertaining family and friends. Dalbey and wife Marty are proud parents to two sons: Brett Sean and Damon Carl; they reside in Socorro, NM.

Achievements and Honors

David Dalbey spent fourteen years as a professional football player in the NFL, culminating with an impressive final season. A passionate enthusiast for cars and motorcycles – especially classic muscle cars – David had many interests throughout his life.

David Dalbey was a prolific achiever, as well as an active member of Central Baptist Church for over fifty years. Additionally, his lifelong passion for golf continued to flourish with Marty, his beloved wife of sixty-four years, whom he shared this passion with.

David Dalbey is survived by his wife, three sons, one daughter and two grandchildren. There can be no doubt that David dalbey was a remarkable athlete and human being; we will surely miss him greatly. But the best part of David’s passing is that we will always keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

Personal Life

David Dalbey was an amazing figure, highly knowledgeable and skilled in many fields. He dedicated himself to family, husbandry, sailing, and many other pursuits. Additionally, as a skilled pilot he had the capacity to fly family members and friends around the country for various trips.

He loved camping out on the water. An experienced sea kayaker, he could often be found canoeing through the Columbia Gorge on calm days.

In 2011, he was an Assistant Professor of Construction Science and Management at Kansas State University. His passion was virtual design and construction, using 3D reality-capture tools to simplify the building process.

On December 1-2, 2011, Dalbey suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and was transported to the University of Kansas Medical Center for further care. Unfortunately, Dalbey suffered extensive and permanent brain damage as a result of this trauma.

Net Worth

Net worth is the total of all assets you own less any debts owed. Assets may include cash and investments, real estate, cars and other valuable items.

David Dalbey’s net worth is believed to be at least $129 million. He made his fortune through JetBlue, the airline he founded.

He co-founded Morris Air with June Morris in 1984, offering budget-friendly flights between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. In 1994, they sold the business to Southwestern Airlines.

Dalbey also owns DaBaby, a popular YouTube channel which generates him millions of dollars annually in advertising revenue. Check out Dalbey’s net worth in 2022 below!

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