David Corlew

David Corlew

David Corlew is an entertainment industry veteran with many positions under his belt, such as lighting director, tour manager and president of Charlie Daniels Band. Additionally, he writes books and produces music films.

Through his career, he has strived to bring attention to causes close to his heart. A passionate supporter of the military, he has generously given his time and talent to numerous charitable organizations. Most recently, he co-founded The Journey Home Project with his manager David Corlew in 2014 with a mission of aiding veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

Early Life and Education

David Corlew is an American actor, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who performs, teaches, and accompanies across New York and Chicago. A veteran of the two-person piano whodunit MURDER FOR TWO; experienced collaborator on new works as an actor musician; esteemed aerialist and coach; as well as expert at Shakespearean texts as well as contemporary ones.

He specializes in vocal technique and repertoire, professional development, music theatre history, and keyboard skills for theatre and music conservatories. He enjoys working with both professional singers and serious amateurs alike – teaching locally as well as virtually through Aloft Circus Arts.

Professional Career

David Corlew is currently employed as Director of Operations for Asteris Inc., a Colleges & Universities company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. He has been with the company for 6 months.

David Corlew has a distinguished professional career as an actor, singer and multi-instrumentalist who performs, teaches and accompanies across various art forms. He has been seen regionally at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Hangar Theater, Lyric Opera of Chicago and Actors Theatre of Indiana.

David has served as manager and president of Blue Hat Records since its inception with Charlie Daniels in 1997, and continues to serve in these capacities today.

Achievements and Honors

David Corlew has been a part of the country music industry for nearly 47 years, beginning his journey as a lighting director and tour manager with Charlie Daniels. Nowadays, he serves as president of Blue Hat Records, the label he co-founded with Daniels in 1971.

In 2014, Charlie Daniels founded The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project (TCDJHP) with late singer to assist veterans upon their return and rehabilitation from service. Through TCDJHP, they identify charities doing the most good with minimal overhead and work closely with them to secure donations.

Additionally, he has launched Corlew-Frank Music, a Nashville-based publishing company founded by label services/distribution veteran Bob Frank that will focus on high quality songs with the potential to become hit singles or albums.

Personal Life

After 25 years managing Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie Daniels, David Corlew recognized that he was an artist in his own right. Together with Charlie, he founded Blue Hat Records in 1997 and today serves as president both of the label and documentary film company dcorlew films.

In 2014, David joined forces with Daniels to form The Journey Home Project (TJHP), a not-for-profit that supports veteran organizations that do the most good. TJHP provides funding and resources for veteran programs throughout America and beyond.

He currently sits on several boards of directors, such as The Academy of Country Music, NARAS (the Grammy Board) and Stars for Stripes. Additionally, he was recently inducted as an Honorary Member of the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment.

Net Worth

David Corlew has achieved financial success through his hard work and commitment. This success is the fruit of his efforts.

He is married with four children, and in addition to his career he also devotes time to charitable causes.

Charlie Daniels Band frontman is an inspiring example of someone who achieved great success from humble beginnings. His tireless effort has paid off, and he serves as an inspiration to millions around the world.

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