David Corkins

David Corkins – A Well-Known Professional

David Corkins is a highly successful manager at Janus Capital Group, overseeing the successful Janus Mercury and Janus Growth & Income funds. Additionally, his leadership of the $12 billion Janus Fund proved to be equally remarkable.

After leaving Janus, Corkins launched hedge fund Arrowpoint Partners in 2009. Money Management Executive interviewed him about what it takes to attract high-net-worth and institutional clients in today’s market, how his firm invests differently than other managers and how his strategy has fared so well despite all of the turmoil.

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Professional Career

David Corkins is an illustrious professional who has achieved much in his career. He holds multiple degrees from esteemed universities and has received numerous prestigious awards.

He is currently a partner and portfolio manager at ArrowMark Partners, managing both private funds and separate managed accounts for individual clients and institutional investors alike.

His portfolio consists of stocks with strong business models and the potential to generate substantial free cash flow. Additionally, he invests in bonds to reduce risk and reap dividends.

Corkins left Janus after 12 years, where he was responsible for managing its flagship Janus Fund JANSX. His departure came at a time when the mutual-fund giant was under transformation under CEO Michael Black’s leadership.

Achievements and Honors

David Corkins has earned numerous distinctions throughout his career. He graduated with honors from Dartmouth College with a bachelor’s degree in English and Russian, then went on to receive an MBA from Columbia University.

He currently serves as portfolio manager of Janus Mercury Fund, a $4.6 billion large-cap growth fund. He will succeed Blaine Rollins who is retiring from this position.

His new role will involve managing the fund’s portfolio, which has returned an average of 4.7% over five years and outperformed its peers on a risk-adjusted basis.

Personal Life

At Janus Capital Group, corkins was in charge of managing $20 billion across multiple investment strategies. Furthermore, he led efforts to improve Janus’ public image and boost investor confidence.

After leaving Janus in 2007, corkins is now the founder and CEO of ArrowMark Partners, a Colorado-based hedge fund with more than $1 billion under management. Additionally, he has an inclination for philanthropy; being one of five founding members of Colorado’s chapter of American Century Club–an organization composed of high-net-worth individuals who donate time and resources to those in need. Moreover, he supported an early career program at his alma mater Dartmouth College while remaining proud father to his beautiful daughter and loving husband to his beloved wife after 33 years together.

Net Worth

David Corkins is an acclaimed entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $8 million. He co-founded Arrowpoint Partners and also contributes to Graland Country Day School.

He is an expert in money management and has amassed a substantial portfolio over time. Additionally, he serves as director for Arrowpoint Partners, Janus Capital Group and JMP Securities.

After graduating high school, David launched his own business venture: Morris Air. This airline offered inexpensive flights between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, becoming a success and eventually sold to Southwestern Airlines for $129 million in 1994.

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