David Collett

David Collett

David Collett is a professional show jumper and instructor based in Albany, North Auckland. He competes with several horses at Pro-Am level and also instructs for Helensville Adult Ride events.

He is a four-time All-Ohio Valley Conference selection and career leader in scoring with 253 points. Additionally, he was named OVC Specialist of the Week five times.

Early Life and Education

David Collett was the son of a mercer merchant and an impressive young man, attending multiple schools and excelling at sports – particularly football.

His career as a kicker was an overwhelming success, leading him to play professionally for both Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets. But what really set him apart was being the first male kicker ever at Tennessee Technological University to score a touchdown!

He is now the pastor of Poteet First United Methodist Church in Atascosa County, Texas and renowned for his success using technology to enhance quality of life for those around him. Most impressively, he does it all with a smile on his face – an attribute which also serves him well as proud father and grandfather.

Professional Career

David Collett is an engineer with extensive experience in microwave relays and other communications technologies. He previously worked for Shawinigan Water and Power Company in Montreal, Canada before becoming an independent consultant.

He has worked on a variety of projects, such as relaying, planning and commissioning transmission lines. Additionally, he is proficient in fault and performance analysis.

He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Leicester before going on to earn both an MSc and PhD in statistics. For 25 years he worked as a lecturer and senior lecturer at the University of Reading, including 8 years as Head of the Department of Applied Statistics.

Achievements and Honors

Collett has had an illustrious career, earning him numerous accolades such as the 2006 EIC Julian Smith Medal and 2004 IEEE ComSoc Edwin Howard Armstrong Achievement Award.

He is currently an Associate Director of Statistics and Clinical Studies for NHS Blood and Transplant, as well as holding an academic position at the University of Reading.

He has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and is the author of two textbooks on binary data modeling and survival data modeling in medical research.

He serves as President of ESTA – The European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes. Additionally, he has been honored for his exceptional contributions to the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) – Western NC Chapter #40.

Personal Life

David Collett is an experienced real estate professional with over three decades of industry knowledge. Currently, he serves as Managing Director for KAUST Investment Management Company and manages their global real estate portfolio. Additionally, David enjoys playing golf and following Houston Texans and New York Jets football games avidly.

David Collett is a self-described “gadget geek” and was certainly impressed by the latest gadgets on display at Consumer Electronics Show (CES). His favorite technology is an ultra HD 4K TV, but other items on his wish list include a 4K Blu-Ray player, 5.1 speaker home theater system and surround sound AV system. Aside from gadget collecting, david also enjoyed comic books and all things geeky.

Net Worth

David Collett is a Canadian professional actor with an estimated net worth of $1-5 million. As a Canadian citizen, his wealth reportedly ranges from $0-$2.5 million.

Collette has had a storied film and TV career. She’s featured in numerous independent projects as well as several mainstream productions.

Collette has had several high-profile relationships, such as her current marriage to drummer Dave Galafassi. They tied the knot in 2003 and now reside in Sydney, Australia; their most recent purchase being a home with courtyard and balconies overlooking the city that they purchased for 5 million Australian dollars.

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