David Chatham

David Chatham

Chatham’s obsession with pornography took a toll on his life. Though he never intended to touch a child sexually, Chatham worried that over time this inhibition might slip.

Investigators eventually caught him, so he sought assistance from psychologist Donna Peaslee. She specializes in treating sex addicts, even those who have relapsed after being released from prison.

Early Life and Education

David Chatham spent his childhood living with a family that wasn’t financially secure. As such, his education was furthered at a second chance school where he learned how to read, write and play the piano.

He wasn’t the brightest student in his class and was considered an outcast at school.

His passion for writing and literature eventually led him to pursue it professionally; during his early adulthood he produced novels, short stories and poetry that showcased his abilities.

At around 12 years old, he began viewing child pornography. He saw pictures of naked and molested boys and girls, toddlers and teens.

Professional Career

David Chatham has an impressive background in both art and design. His freelance work includes designing book covers, packaging and logos for numerous clients; he’s collaborated with authors such as Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Michael Nava, in addition to pharmaceutical companies.

Chatham was previously an instructor and student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS), where he pursued a ministry leadership program. However, an inside source informs TRR that Chatham no longer holds an enrollment at SEBTS.

No matter whether he holds a degree in ministry, his interest in child sex offending raises serious concerns about whether convicted perverts should be permitted to pursue Christian ministries. Indeed, renowned trauma expert Diane Langburg has spoken strongly against such offenders being placed into ministry positions.

Achievements and Honors

David Chatham is the president of Chatham Neighborhoods and a Southern Living Builder of the Year, as well as realtor emeritus with the Atlanta Board of Realtors. With over four decades of construction and development experience under his belt, he is also an honorary lifetime member of NAHB and recipient of numerous industry awards for his efforts.

He served as President and CEO of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, earning them their highest honor, the Lewis Cenker Award.

He is an accomplished community leader with extensive volunteer experience in both his hometown and surrounding areas. As Treasurer for United Way, he has guided the organization through many changes while increasing its financial stability.

Personal Life

David Chatham earned six figures as an executive for a Raleigh public relations firm. He and his wife enjoyed beach resort vacations, attended charity events with governors and city council members, and owned season tickets to the Carolina Hurricanes.

He also owned his own consulting business, providing services to clients in both public and nonprofit sectors.

Chatham had a close and lasting relationship with his father, Howard. He learned the trades from him from the ground up and is proud of what he achieved throughout the years.

Net Worth

David Chatham is a Director at First Advantage Corp and owns approximately 2,001 units of the company’s common stock.

He was born on October 11th 1978 in Georgia and as of January 9th 2023 his net worth is $5 million.

After graduating high school, Chatham joined the United States Navy and served as an aviation firefighter on board the flight deck of the USS Essex.

He then relocated to Hollywood and scored his first series regular role on Showtime’s Barbershop in 2006. Three months later, casting director Robi Reed cast him in Antwone Fisher.

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