David Birnbaum

David Birnbaum

David Birnbaum is a highly successful individual with extensive expertise in the financial services industry. He also writes books and has founded multiple venture capital firms.

He possesses an in-depth knowledge of construction engineering, structural analysis and building envelope issues. Additionally, he conducts impartial insurance loss investigations with precision.

Early Life and Education

David Birenbaum was born into a Jewish family in Radom, Poland during World War II. As the son of a prominent Jew in his town, Nazis rounded up all Jews and sent them to labor camps.

Birenbaum managed to escape Nazi concentration camps despite his young age, becoming an electrician in one of them. Thanks to his skills and knowledge, he was able to escape with his life.

He ultimately managed to escape several camps and immigrate to America, where he pursued a career in education.

In 1976, Birenbaum was appointed president of Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio where he helped save the college from financial troubles. Additionally, he served as dean of New School for Social Research and provost of Long Island University.

Professional Career

David Birenbaum has extensive legal expertise, as well as business and financial experience from working for companies in the real estate, furniture manufacturing, and investment management sectors.

His career has seen him involved in a variety of significant transactions for both private and public entities. This expertise includes acquisitions, dispositions and financings of businesses, projects, portfolios and assets.

He is highly knowledgeable about international finance and has successfully completed a number of significant debt financings, such as tax-oriented preferred and equity investments.

He frequently assists his clients in addressing regulatory compliance issues to avoid costly class action litigation and keep them out of regulators’ reach. He provides them with advice on state privacy law regulations and assists them in designing compliance management systems tailored to individual client needs and government expectations.

Achievement and Honors

Birnbaum’s achievements have been truly remarkable. Her contributions to science have been widely recognized, while her work in corporate law is nothing short of legendary.

One of the most inspiring aspects of her work is her unwavering commitment to Kendal’s values and Quaker heritage.

In addition to her accomplishments in science, Birnbaum has had an immense effect on education and learning. She is a pioneering figure in corporate learning and was instrumental in setting up Kendal Academy. Most importantly, though, is how she’s managed to balance work and life – something few are capable of doing.

Personal Life

He was the son of a distiller in Radom, Poland where his parents were active Zionists. When German forces invaded Poland in 1939, Birnbaum and his siblings were saved from slavery.

At the age of 17, Birnbaum began writing essays about the nature of the universe, drawing upon his understanding of astronomy. Soon, his book Summa Metaphysica would become a landmark in his life and forever alter its course.

It marked the culmination of decades-long efforts to find an answer to one of science’s most pressing questions.

His research, an exploration into the origins of the universe he calls “extraordinariation,” has caused controversy both academic and public circles. When The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on a conference at Bard College in upstate New York dedicated to Birnbaum’s ideas, there was swift backlash of criticism directed at them.

Net Worth

David Berenbaum is a renowned screenwriter best known for crafting the 2003 Will Ferrell Christmas comedy classic “Elf.” Additionally, he created Disney’s “The Haunted Mansion,” based on their theme park ride and featuring Eddie Murphy in its starring role.

He is also a political activist and journalist, currently serving as Opposition Critic for Indigenous Affairs and member of the National Assembly of Quebec.

He is estimated to be worth approximately $368 Thousand as of March 1, 2021. His holdings in Everspin Technologies Inc stock, totalling 1,921 units, are valued at an impressive $356,480.

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