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David Abdoo Net Worth and Other Facts About Actor Rose Abdoo

David Abdoo is a Physical Therapist in Utica, New York and an expert in rehabilitation.

Abdoo is licensed in New York and accepts Medicare insurance. Please make sure your coverage is verified when making an appointment.

Early Life and Education

David Abdoo was born and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts and attended Salem State University, The Sawyer School, as well as serving in the United States Army/National Guard.

After graduating, he pursued a career in public service. He has held leadership roles within high-profile organizations across local, state and federal government.

His role as Chief of Staff for MassDevelopment requires him to exercise leadership functions, collaborate with the CEO on mission and priorities, and execute strategic planning, business development strategies and operations management. With extensive expertise in these areas, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear.

Prior to joining MassDevelopment, he served as chief of staff for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and served as senior strategic advisor to the CEO/General Manager. With more than two decades of public service experience under his belt, he possesses a deep-seated knowledge and proficiency in transportation, customer service, safety operations improvement cost containment strategies resiliency building.

Professional Career

At BH-BL, he serves as Assistant Superintendent for Support Services and oversees 300 non-instructional personnel, the district lunch program, pupil transportation and school finance. Furthermore, his responsibilities extend to school environment safety decisions, insurance procurement and risk management initiatives.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Binghamton University, an MA in social studies education from Syracuse University, and a doctorate in educational administration/leadership from The Sage Colleges. David Abdoo has 20 years of public service in high-profile organizations across local, state and federal government. He currently resides in Boston with his wife Melissa and their two daughters where they own a dog named Brutus as well as cats named Grizzly and Ginger. His best job was serving as Chief of Staff for MassDevelopment, where he provided strategic leadership to a $1.5 billion agency responsible for planning, designing, developing and implementing transportation systems, infrastructure related to transportation, public infrastructure projects and land administration.

Achievement and Honors

David is an accomplished professional bassist and teacher, but his true calling lies elsewhere: philanthropy. His accomplishments have earned him many accolades over the past decade as well as a substantial bonus. On top of that, david is proud member of his family with wife who shares his etiquette expertise. Plus, they both love baseball with equal passion!

Personal Life

Rose Abdoo has achieved incredible success in acting, from performing alongside comedy legends at Second City to lending her unique voice to hit shows such as ‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. Discover the inspiring journey that led her to this success here.

Abdoo’s defense revolves around his strong community connections and lack of criminal history. He further contends that the government failed to present “clear and convincing” evidence that he presented a risk of flight. Rather, Abdoo contends, the court erred in finding no conditions of release which would guarantee his presence at trial.

Net Worth

Actor David Abdoo boasts a net worth of over $1.5 million. She is best known for her role as Rose on the television series “Steven Universe,” but has also appeared in multiple movies and voiced many characters for commercials and video games. With extensive experience in the entertainment industry, David Abdoo stands out with her professionalism on set. Her salary for acting and voiceover work remains unknown; additionally, her stock portfolio does not reveal how much money she invests.

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