Dave Tractors

Dave Tractors

Tractors are an integral part of Dave’s life. He uses them for transportation and to support his business venture – selling flowers.

Tractors come in a wide variety of makes and models. John Deere, International Harvester, Allis Chalmers and Ford all make quality tractors.

Early Life and Education

Dave Steiner had an epiphany while selling used tractors in early 2000: there needed to be new parts made for older machines. That is how Dave Tractors was born!

Daves Tractors began by fabricating his first manifold for an Allis Chalmers WC engine, and soon after began producing others as well. Now they boast a large showroom and parts department to better serve their customers’ needs.

Tractor Dave Wolfsen of Fremont, known to many as Tractor Dave, has decided to embark on an incredible cross-country journey with his 1937 Co-op tractor. Departing June 1 and covering approximately 9,300 miles along the way is his plan.

Professional Career

Dave has held various roles throughout his career, such as president of D&R Equipment Inc. in Ringoes, New York. Currently he oversees the farm side of this small family-owned business that purchases and sells new and used tractors, tractor trailers and light construction equipment. With nearly 30 years in business, this family-run enterprise stands out due to its competitive pricing structure, extensive service department and knowledgeable sales staff. Top customers include many large contractors and agricultural outfits such as major grain companies; currently they have 17 pending projects underway at present.

Achievement and Honors

Dave’s Tractor began as a small shop in 2000 and quickly expanded to encompass an expansive showroom, parts department, and office with several employees. Today they specialize in selling Mahindra tractors from their facility which is currently being extended for even more space.

Trevor Mauk, a Bellefonte Area High School senior, has had an interest in tractors since childhood. To date he has restored around 12 different machines he’s found both at junkyards and on the side of the road.

He is passionate about preserving history and has been involved with both the ASABE International 1/4-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition and local competition judging. Additionally, he serves as an adviser for both agriculture science students and FFA members at BAHS.

Personal Life

Dave Wolfsen, or Tractor Dave as he’s affectionately known, is an enthusiastic tractor collector. His collection consists of many vintage models and some rare ones as well.

Wolfsen enjoys travelling throughout the country in his free time. He drives a 1937 Co-op tractor which he has customized for his own comfort.

He also takes his tractor to shows, where he shares his enthusiasm for tractors with visitors and talks about their history.

His wife Deb has three children and three grandchildren; although they cannot accompany him on this trip, they do plan to keep in contact via phone throughout the duration.

Net Worth

Dave Hester is an American reality TV personality and business owner best known for his appearances on Storage Wars. He owns two auction shops as well as a vintage train collection.

Hester owns a luxury house in California that’s worth approximately $500 000. Additionally, he enjoys driving luxury vehicles around town and when he’s alone.

His love for tractors is evident in his impressive collection of antique tractors, farm equipment and implements. He boasts over 100 tractors from several brands, including John Deere.

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