Dave Swarbrick

Dave Swarbrick, Attorney at Baker & Daniels

Swarbrick graduated with honor from Notre Dame in 1976 before going on to Stanford Law School for law studies and practicing for 28 years with Indianapolis firm Baker & Daniels before taking over athletics at Notre Dame as head coach in 2008.

Swarbrick joined Fairport Convention in 1969 and is widely credited for helping them create their groundbreaking album Liege & Lief (1969) that started the folk rock movement and generated greater interest in traditional music within mainstream rock. Swarbrick had an immense impact on how its impactful message reached more listeners worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Swarbrick not only excels at research and teaching, but he has extensive experience as both a lawyer and consultant for both collegiate and Olympic sports industries. After receiving his magna cum laude degree from Notre Dame in 1976 and attending Stanford graduate school thereafter, Swarbrick joined Baker & Daniels law firm of Indianapolis where he served for 28 years – from magna cum laude awardee to magna cum laude advisor!

Swarbrick is an assistant professor of English at Baruch College, CUNY where he specializes in Renaissance literature and literary and cultural theory. His most recent book is entitled, The Environmental Unconscious: Ecological Poetics from Spenser to Milton (University of Minnesota Press 2023).

Professional Career

Swarbrick has more than 27 years of experience helping his clients make sound investments, protect their assets and build strategies designed to ensure a comfortable retirement. Working closely with CPAs and tax attorneys, he helps his clients meet their financial goals.

Swarbrick currently works as a Registered Representative with Questar’s Roseville office location and has passed both Series 63 and 66 exams, making him eligible to provide investment advice in California.

Swarbrick has served as general counsel to national governing bodies of Olympic sports and for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, graduating from Notre Dame as an expert in college athletics and representing owners and organizations that sanction or organize competitions.

Achievement and Honors

Dave Swarbrick (known by his stage name “Swarb”) was one of the most influential musicians in folk music. With a seemingly diminutive stage presence and his trademark cigarette perched perilously between his lips, Swarbrick had an incredible ability to electrify audiences through his intelligent interactions with Martin Carthy which brought together folk and rock elements for something truly groundbreaking.

He joined Fairport Convention after guitarist Richard Thompson and bassist Sandy Denny had left, producing Liege & Lief (1969), an album which set a new standard in marrying traditional songs with rock music.

In 2006, Swarbrick resumed touring with former Fairporters Maartin Allcock and Kevin Dempsey from Fairport Convention – calling themselves Swarb’s Lazarus to poke fun at The Telegraph’s premature obituary and producing an album called Live and Kicking. Additionally he would regularly appear at Cropredy Festival.

Personal Life

Swarbrick has developed strong relationships with his clients throughout his career. He assists them with making important financial decisions and provides the tools they require to meet their goals. Swarbrick enjoys spending time with his family, including providing sports tips to his grandchildren.

Swarbrick has endured several health crises, such as emphysema that left him wheelchair bound, until 2004 when he underwent a double lung transplant which enabled him to resume his musical career and play alongside Richard Thompson, Maartin Allcock and Kevin Dempsey from Fairport Convention as Swarb’s Lazarus; also performing alongside them for Cropredy concerts in 2006 as Swarb’s 1969 band and touring and recording with Martin Carthy.

Swarbrick’s research explores the captivating force of early modern ecopoetics, prompting literary critics and environmental scholars well versed in new materialism to reconsider notions of entanglement and animus.

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