Dave Moran

Dave Moran – A Well-Rounded Businessman With Extensive Experience in the Construction Industry

David Moran is a successful businessman with extensive expertise in the construction sector. He has managed and delivered multi-billion dollar projects worldwide.

He is an experienced trial and appellate attorney with a proven track record of success in both state and federal courts. His practice emphasizes client service based on cooperation, trust, dedication to results and efficiency.

Early Life and Education

Gabriel Moran was born on August 11, 1935 in Manchester, New Hampshire to four siblings.

As a child, his curiosity and admiration of nature led him to pursue artistic endeavors. Eventually, he chose to specialize in landscape painting.

He was a member of the so-called Rocky Mountain School, along with Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Hill and William Keith. They applied the luminous color palette and European Romantic aesthetics of the Hudson River School to landscapes found in America’s West.

He earned both a Bachelor of Arts and Ph.D. in religious education from The Catholic University of America in 1962 and 1965, respectively, as well as being inducted into the esteemed academic honor society Phi Beta Kappa.

Professional Career

Dave Moran is an experienced trial lawyer with more than three decades of expertise. His practice areas encompass antitrust, aviation, business law, class actions, defamation and insurance.

As a trial attorney, his goal is to secure positive outcomes for his clients. This can include an advantageous pre-trial resolution, jury verdict or successful appeal.

David is a highly experienced trial lawyer who represents clients in state and federal court. As an advocate, his capacity for understanding the core issues in cases and communicating them effectively are second to none.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Moran is a highly acclaimed and esteemed professional due to his vast expertise. He has received numerous awards and honors over the years for his contributions in his field.

David Moran is an experienced litigator, representing clients on a range of matters. His case experience includes auto and motorized vehicle accidents, insurance coverage disputes, premises liability cases and products liability suits.

He is a 2020 graduate of Florida International University College of Law and was the founder of the FIU Law Mindfulness Association, an organization that promotes mental health resources for law students. During law school, his passion for mental health awareness was evident through his involvement in this student organization.

As a researcher, Dave Moran’s accomplishments demonstrate his focus and drive to succeed. He has published numerous high-impact papers and been awarded several fellowships which further elevate his standing amongst peers.

Personal Life

Dave Moran has a deep-seated appreciation for classic old-time ragtime music. He was born and raised in Idaho, learning to play banjo at nine years old. Prior to moving to Steamboat Springs in 1985, Moran worked as an entertainment director.

He enjoyed his job as an entertainment director, but decided to take a break and move to Steamboat to become Dangerous Dave – a smart-mouthed, wise cracking banjo and guitar picker. Although the steady work was appealing, his desire was for full time music performance.

He co-directs the Michigan Innocence Clinic, which expunges those wrongfully convicted of crimes. Additionally, he teaches at the University of Michigan Law School and enjoys running, cross-country skiing and figure drawing – on both sides of the easel.

Net Worth

Dave Moran boasts a net worth of $1.5 million. He is best known as one of the members of the children’s band The Wiggles.

He became a permanent member of The Wiggles in 2006, upon the retirement of original member Greg Page.

His debut album was released in 2010 through Sony Music Australia and he also hosts the children’s show Play Along With Sam, which boasts an estimated audience of 1.7 million subscribers.

His career has seen him receive several accolades. In 1993, he won the So You Think You’re Funny award and was a finalist for the Perrier Comedy Award in 1996. To promote his stand-up performances around Europe and America, he made numerous television appearances.

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