Dave McKinney

Dave McKinney

Dave McKinney is a college professor, entomologist and macro photographer. He has also served as state politics reporter at WBEZ.

He recently left the Chicago Sun-Times, where he served as chief of its Springfield bureau. According to him, this was due to disagreements over editorial authority at the paper – owned by Wrapports.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Dave McKinney has been in the professional world for four decades. His expertise extends across various fields such as legal and business consulting.

He owns a firm that offers an array of legal services. This includes helping small and medium-sized businesses form, finance, and run their operations successfully.

His clients span a range of industries, such as healthcare, technology and manufacturing. Additionally, he has substantial litigation experience handling complex cases across multiple states.

His wife Ann Liston works for Adelstein/Liston, a media relations firm with clients such as the Quinn campaign this year. It remains uncertain whether their connection has anything to do with this case or not.

Achievements and Honors

McKinney, named by the Washington Post in 2014 as one of America’s best statehouse reporters, has earned numerous awards for his coverage of corruption under Rod Blagojevich, George Ryan and Fidel Castro that many credit with changing how Illinoisans view their government.

McKinney spent 19 years as the Chicago Sun-Times Springfield bureau chief, covering every major story in state politics from Blagojevich’s impeachment to Rauner’s rise. His articles often appeared on the front page of the paper and he also frequently contributed to its sister publication WBEZ.

He served as president of IBM World Trade Americas/Far East Corporation from 1980 until he retired on July 31, 1992 after 36 years with the company. Subsequently, he became president of ISOFlex Packaging, a global producer of industrial films headquartered in Greer, South Carolina.

Personal Life

Dave McKinney served his country with distinction as a Dispatcher 63C10 for two years in the United States Army. Subsequently, he attended Texas State Technical Institute to study Shoe Repair and Boot Making.

After graduating from TSTI, he worked at Boot and Shoe Shops in Amarillo, Las Colinas and Arlington, Texas as well as traveling to many other states to repair Shoe Shop machinery.

David had an immense love of family and friends. He was actively involved in his church, community, and country.

He loved working with leather, creating boot and shoe repairs as well as leather roses, crosses and wine glass holsters which he sold at various Craft and Wine Festivals.

Net Worth

Dave McKinney, a state politics reporter for WBEZ, is estimated to have an net worth of $9 million. He was previously the Springfield bureau chief of the Chicago Sun-Times and has written for numerous publications such as Crain’s, the New York Times and Chicago Magazine.

David McKinney began his career with IBM in 1956 as a sales representative, eventually rising through the ranks to hold several executive positions within the company. He served as president of IBM World Trade Americas/Far East and chairman of the board for IBM Europe during the 1980s before retiring in 1992. Additionally, he served as trustee for Paul and Daisy Soros Foundation. David and Marina Gharabegian had two children before divorcing in 2017 after two decades together; according to estimates his net worth is $9 million.

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