Dave & Mahoney

Dave & Mahoney – The Las Vegas Version of Crazy

Dave & Mahoney have been morning radio favorites since their partnership ten years ago. Every weekday morning from 6-10 AM, they tackle the strange things happening in America with an unmatched energy and perspective that few others possess.

Launched into syndication in 2018, The Dave and Mahoney Morning Show is one of the highest rated alternative shows in America.

Early Life and Education

Dave & Mahoney’s early life was marked by hard work, strong moral values, and a passion for education. Dave began his academic journey as an athlete; playing hockey and competing in local amateur championships before earning a full-ride scholarship to Boston College.

At BC, he was actively engaged in campus activities and community service. Additionally, he earned certification as a sports coach and has had the opportunity to work with professional athletes as well as high school and college students.

Mahoney’s interest in art and design was fostered through his early childhood experiences, where he would spend hours driving to art museums with his family. Later, he earned a degree in art history from Boston University before going on to earn his master’s in graphic design.

Professional Career

Dave’s love for golf was the driving force behind his professional career. As an accomplished player, he has achieved much success over the years, including winning numerous tournaments.

Dave was proud to become a Certified Level One Golf Instructor under renowned instructor Hank Haney – an incredibly proud moment for him.

Dave brings with him a strong background in sales, giving him the capacity to identify new business opportunities and boost Mahoney Environmental’s top line volume growth. He is dedicated to customer service, leadership and teamwork with an infectious enthusiasm.

Dave is also certified by renowned Sports Psychologist Doctor JoAnn Dahlkoetter as a Sport Psychology and Peak Performance Coach. With this training, Dave has acquired an in-depth comprehension of the psychological aspects of sports performance that enable him to successfully assist a variety of athletes reach their objectives.

Achievements and Honors

Dave & Mahoney have been morning radio staples since 2009. Every weekday from 6-10 am, the duo tackles the most ridiculous things happening around the world with an unrivaled rapport and perspective.

For over a decade, The Dirty Laundry Show has been a top ratings hit in Las Vegas – and now you can hear them on Alpha Media Alternative WGHL (ALT 105.1)/Louisville, KY! With an eclectic mix of alternative music, signature features like Dirty Laundry, Cover Your Ears, Beer for Breakfast and the 2 Minute Promise (never more than two minutes of commercials), listeners have been hooked!

Dave Mahoney is not only the CEO of dave & mahoney but an award-winning play-by-play announcer for both World Poker Tour and Tuff Nuff MMA. A passionate connoisseur of craft beer and fine Padron cigars, he enjoys spending quality time with his family – wife, daughter, and dachshund Bailey!

Personal Life

Dave Farra, Jason Mahoney and co-host Audrey Drake explore the absurdities that shape America. These Las Vegas radio icons have been providing their unique brand of crazy since 2009.

They’ve become the most syndicated alternative radio show in America, with listeners from San Diego to Los Angeles and beyond tuning in each weekday from 6-10 am. Their team is fun, relatable and witty – always having something interesting to say.

Ian Schebel is a contributing producer on Dave & Mahoney who doesn’t let his lower back get him down. He immerses himself in the show every day and loves being part of this exciting journey!

Net Worth

Dave & Mahoney have been radio staples since their partnership 10 years ago. Every weekday morning from 5-10 am, Dave, Jason, Audrey Lee and Producer Ian take on all that’s happening around the world.

Dave is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys playing with his dachshund, watching golf on television and sipping craft beer. Additionally, he has an unhealthy obsession with Padron cigars.

He has been happily engaged to his girlfriend for 7+ years and they have two children, Patrick and Sean. In addition to his radio career, he also serves as play-by-play announcer for the World Poker Tour and Tuff Nuff MMA events; additionally he hosts an NFL show for IMGLive with an estimated net worth between $1 million-$3 million.

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