Dave Machuga

Dave Machuga, President and CEO of ELTA North America

Dave Machuga is the President and CEO of ELTA North America, a premier defense electronics firm. With extensive expertise in technology development, electromagnetic sensors, and integrated solutions, his leadership skillset is second to none.

He has over two decades of experience in the defense and aerospace sector. His skills include program/business management, technical management, operations management and strategic planning.

Early Life and Education

David Machuga is an esteemed professional whose accomplishments in electronics and defense have earned him numerous accolades. He was instrumental in improving radio frequency devices and materials that enhance radar and electronic warfare systems.

He has served as technical manager on multiple aerospace projects. When Northrop Grumman acquired Aerojet, he replanned the Space-Based Infrared System-Low Earth Orbit (SBIRS-Low), earning customer accolades for system integration execution.

Machuga has an impressive list of accomplishments, but more importantly he is a well-liked and popular individual among friends and colleagues alike. His family was always close to his heart and will be deeply missed. In memory of Machuga, a Go Fund Me page has been set up to cover funeral expenses as well as other associated costs associated with this event.

Professional Career

Dave Machuga has extensive experience in the electronics and defense industries, having held multiple roles such as senior engineer, program manager, and business management for more than two decades.

He currently works at Boeing Defense, Space & Security as the leader of their Ground Design and Mission Support division.

Throughout his career, he has created new capabilities in autonomy, unmanned platforms and electronic systems. Furthermore, he has managed the technical activities of over 1,000 engineers.

He has held executive positions at Northrop Grumman Corporation, where he has helped to update their technology development plans to align them with changing customer missions.

Achievement and Honors

Dave Machuga is an accomplished professional bowler, having won two PBA National Tour championships and one PBA regional title. Additionally, he has been coaching bowlers locally for many years.

His most recent accomplishment came in January, when he won the Erie Times-News Open with a 300 game – his highest career mark. To make it possible, he used one of his favorite bowling balls – Storm Phaze II – that helped him achieve this feat last year. Hopefully this ball continues to provide him with many more years of joyous bowling!

Personal Life

David Machuga is an accomplished businessman and devout Christian. He has held various management positions within the electronics industry, and he holds a degree from Pennsylvania State University.

He currently serves as president of ELTA North America, a division of The Boeing Company. With more than two decades of experience in aerospace and defense industries, his expertise lies in program/business management, technical management, strategic planning and operations.

He was a devout Catholic and married for over 20 years. A dedicated father and husband, he also worked as a motivational speaker. A man of impeccable integrity and honesty, he is loved and respected by his family and friends alike; an amazing individual who will be greatly missed.

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