Dave Foley Net Worth

Dave Foley Net Worth – Canadian Actor, Comedian, Director and Writer

Dave Foley, best known for his roles on The Kids in the Hall and News Radio, is also well-regarded in film and television roles such as an undead boss in Netherbeast Incorporated and high school principal on CBC comedy show Prep and Landing.

Early Life and Education

Foley is an award-winning Canadian actor, comedian, director, and writer, best known for his appearances on Kids in the Hall and NewsRadio.

Before leaving for his dream of becoming a comedian, he attended an alternative high school before dropping out to attend Second City Training Centre in Toronto and take improvisational classes.

Dave married Tabatha Southey in 1991 and together they had two sons, Edmund and Basil. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in 1997, leading him to marry Crissy Guerrero later that same year and have a daughter together named Alina.

Foley had many notable roles during the 2000s, such as being cast in High Stakes as well as Stuart Lamarack on Will & Grace.

Professional Career

Dave Foley is a Canadian actor, comedian and writer. After leaving an alternative high school environment behind to study improv at Toronto Second City Training Center’s improv classes – where he met Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, Bruce McCulloch and Scott Thompson to form their comedy troupe known as The Kids in the Hall.

Foley made his mark as one of the stars on The West Wing from 1988 to 1995, appearing as news director Dave Nelson on Paul Simms’ sitcom NewsRadio from 1995-1999 – specifically written for Foley! Since then he has appeared in various movies such as Blast from the Past and Monkeybone and has provided voiceover services for many animated shows and films.

Achievement and Honors

Foley is an esteemed comedian, actor and voice actor renowned for his work in Canadian sketch series Kids in the Hall. There he established himself as an accomplished performer with an exceptional sense of humor; subsequent roles expanded his popularity even further.

From 1995 to 1999, his role of Dave Nelson on NewsRadio brought him immense success and fame – further elevating his career and earnings potential. Additionally, he has voiced animated films for several producers, adding even more earnings and net worth.

Foley remains resilient despite his financial struggles, choosing instead to avoid dwelling on them and concentrate on his career. He has been married twice – first to Tabatha Southey from 1991-97 and later Crissy Guerrero since 2016. Both marriages produced Alina.

Personal Life

Dave Foley, an iconic Canadian comedian known for his irreverent wit and humor, is an inspiration to aspiring comics everywhere. Having successfully navigated financial challenges as well as child support debt burden, Dave has established an outstanding career.

Foley first married Tabatha Southey from 1991 to 1997, giving birth to two children together during this time. At that point, his annual earnings totaled well over $1 Million but this drastically dropped after “NewsRadio” was cancelled, leaving him without steady network television work for over 10 years.

Foley was married to Crissy Guerrero from 2002 until 2008; during that time they welcomed one daughter named Alina. At present, Foley is required to pay $10,700 monthly as both spousal and child support payments.

Net Worth

Dave Foley is an accomplished actor and comedian, as well as diversifying into other areas of show business. He has appeared in multiple movies and television shows as a star player and voice actor.

Foley collaborated with fellow Second City alumni Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson in 1984 to form The Kids in the Hall, an iconic comedy troupe which enjoyed tremendous success as its own television series running until 1995.

Foley married writer Tabatha Southey in 1991, and had two children together before the marriage ended in 1997 due to separation. Since then, Foley is required to pay $10,700 monthly as child support–equivalent to 400% of his monthly income.

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