Dave Banyard

Dave Banyard – Insider Trader

Dave Banyard is the President of MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc., a Fortune Brands Home & Security Company (NYSE: FBHS).


He has been with the company for approximately one year and brings with him extensive global manufacturing, operations and commercial leadership expertise. With his proven record of successfully executing complex business transformation strategies that drive market expansion while increasing profit margins and improving cash flow performance, he is an invaluable asset to the organization.

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Professional Career

Since 2015, Dave Banyard has served as CEO of Myers Industries. Established in 1933, Myers produces polymer products for industrial, agricultural, automotive, commercial and consumer markets worldwide.

On October 25, NYSE-listed Myers announced his departure to pursue another professional opportunity. Chief legal officer Andrean Horton will take over the top job, and the company intends to engage a global executive search firm for its next phase of leadership succession planning.

Banyard guided Myers through an impressive period of rapid growth and increased profitability. Additionally, he spearheaded their strategic pivot to align with market demands and consumer preferences – achievements which are documented on their website.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Banyard brings with him extensive manufacturing, operations and commercial leadership expertise. This expertise is put to use at MasterBrand Cabinets – Fortune Brands Home & Security’s parent company.

He will report directly to Nick Fink, president and chief operating officer of Fortune Brands. In this role, he will collaborate with the cabinet leadership team on driving performance improvement initiatives moving forward.

He was previously President and Chief Executive Officer of Myers Industries, Inc., a global manufacturer of packaging, storage and safety products as well as specialty molding. The board of directors named him interim president and chief executive officer and will engage a global executive search firm to find a new president and chief executive officer. The company anticipates making an announcement soon regarding this search process.

Personal Life

Dave Banyard, a 1990 graduate of Princeton and later the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, has held several impressive titles throughout his career. His record of outperforming market growth while increasing profit margins, decreasing working capital requirements, and improving cash flow performance speak for themselves.

Dave, his wife, and their small but growing family in Cleveland are proud of Dave’s achievements at MasterBrand and other businesses he has helped grow and flourish in Northeast Ohio. Dave believes in investing in people, is an avid reader, and supports the local arts scene. Although he wishes he had more time for family activities as well as golfing more frequently.

Net Worth

Dave Banyard has a net worth of $11.2 million. His primary occupation as President Cabinets at Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc. earns him $3,544,340 annually while owning 32,873 units of FBHS stock which he has traded at least 6 times in the past 7 years and sold for about $0 in 18 months; his biggest trade being exercising 49,311 units on December 7, 2017 for approximately $3,051,858. You can view all his insider trading activity in our Insider Trading Tracker table; in addition to FBHS shares, Banyard owns shares in Myers Industries Inc.

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