Dark Green Quilt

Choosing a Dark Green Quilt

When you are looking for the perfect fabric for a dark green quilt, you should first consider the color of the fabric itself. Green is a beautiful shade that represents nature, freshness and renewal. There are many shades of green, and you can find a variety of fabrics in this shade at Missouri Star. Some popular green quilt fabrics include Kona Cotton, Bella Solids, Cotton Supreme Solids, Confetti Cotton, and more.

This color is a great choice for bedrooms if you want to create a peaceful and relaxing environment for your guests. The color can be complemented by a green coverlet, and Lands’ End has many options. Other options include spring green and mint green quilt sets, as well as sage green, which is unexpectedly neutral and plays off more traditional decor. Whether it’s a guest room or a formal bedroom, the dark green color is sure to lend an inviting ambiance to any room.

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