Dark Brown Aesthetic

A Dark Brown Aesthetic

The color Aesthetic Brown is a gentle brown. It cannot be used directly on web pages but can be used in CSS or HTML. Its hex code #B6977D. Its RGB value is (182, 151, 125). It contains 40% red, 33% green and 27% blue. It is represented by the hex number #B6977D in the CMYK colour space. Its hue is 27 degrees, and its saturation is 31%.

A bedroom in a dark brown aesthetic can be a tranquil retreat. You can use a variety of brown accessories and furniture in this room. For example, a brown leather accent chair is a great way to make a statement. A patterned rug, or even a brown accent wall, can play up the colors of the walls and furniture. A rug in a similar shade of brown can play off the colors of a bench top or a table. Sconces, for example, can complement the rest of the space.

A variety of color palettes are available for Aesthetic Brown. There is a tetradic palette, which uses a base color and two complementary colors on either side. A tetradic pallet is not a simple composition. It should be used with care and experimentation, as it is more complicated than a complementary colour scheme. A square color palette uses Iguana Green and Weldon Blue. It is recommended that these shades are applied at a distance of 90deg.

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