Danyll Gammon

Danyll Gammon – The Wife of Major League Baseball Star Troy Tulowitzki

Danyll Gammon and Troy Tulowitzki met as high school sweethearts while attending Freemont High School together, where Danyll excelled as a basketball player. Since 2009, the couple have been happily married.

Her husband is an MLB shortstop with the Toronto Blue Jays of MLB and previously played with Colorado Rockies; Forbes listed him 79th among highest-paid athletes for 2016. His net worth stands at $60 Million.

Early Life and Education

Danyll Gammon is an American best known as the wife of MLB star Troy Tulowitzki. Both attended Freemont high school together where they participated as athletes together until graduation when she decided not to continue sports due to injuries sustained during high school basketball season. Unfortunately, no details regarding Danyll Gammon’s early life, parents or birth date have been shared publicly.

Danyll and Troy first met as high school sweethearts before they married at an intimate event in Portola Valley, California in 2009. Today they reside together and are raising their son Taz together.

Tornoto Blue Jays shortstop Jesse Tornoto is a gifted baseball player widely regarded as one of the premier defensive players in Major League Baseball. Known for being a leader both on and off the field, he is beloved among fans who adore his unselfish play and passion for the sport.

Professional Career

Danyll Gammon and Major League Baseball shortstop Troy Tulowitzki met while attending Freemont High School and have since been together. They got married at a private event in Portola Valley, California in 2009 and share one child, Taz Tulowitzki born 2014.

Danyll and Troy both share an avid passion for sports and have always been supportive of one another’s professional careers. Troy has been playing Major League Baseball (MLB) for 13 years since being drafted by Colorado Rockies in 2005; additionally he played on Team USA collegiate national baseball team that won gold medal at 2004 Olympic Games.

Even though he had an impressively long and successful MLB career, recent injuries forced him to miss most of 2017 season and all of 2018 due to injury. Despite this setback, he remains positive and continues to work hard towards returning to playing on the field.

Achievement and Honors

Danyll Gammon is an active participant in her community and has participated in a variety of projects that have improved lives around her neighbourhood. For her efforts she has received various honors and awards.

Troy Tulowitzki and she are married since November 2009, sharing one son named Taz. Both attended Freemont high school together and maintain an extremely close bond between themselves.

Gammon hails from America and represents white ethnicity. By profession she works hard as a homemaker to ensure her husband is happy, avidly reading Christian Scriptures while practicing Christianity herself. Together they share an idyllic family life together.

Personal Life

Danyll Gammon is a homemaker who prioritizes her family and children. She and her husband live in an elegant mansion. Additionally, she’s fond of animals; Ripken and Rawlings her canines belong to her. While not disclosing much about herself or her parents, she did mention attending Freemont High School.

Danyll and her husband have one child together – Taz. Married since 2009 and quite happy together, the couple keeps their personal lives private without the use of social media accounts such as Instagram or Snapchat.

Troy and his wife are deeply committed Christians. Despite his success as a baseball player, he remains understated and avoids public attention.

Net Worth

Danyll Gammon was born and raised in America of white ethnicity. She attended Freemont High School for her basic education before continuing with higher studies at Golden State Baptist College – earning a Bachelor’s in History degree there. Additionally, she married Troy Tulowitzki with whom they have one child named Taz.

The couple have amassed an enormous net worth of over $60 million through careers and investments, as well as owning several expensive cars such as a Maserati and Ferrari. Furthermore, they reside in an extravagant mansion whose details remain undisclosed.

They met while attending Freemont high school and soon after became sweethearts before beginning a serious relationship. They married in 2009 and remain together today.

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