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Jack Daniels and VDOT

VDOT forms the backbone of Jack Daniel’s training plans. This formula determines training paces based on race performances.

As well as eliminating costly and complicated VO2 max testing, this method also makes equating race times between distances easier; for instance, you could compare your 5k time with someone’s half marathon time.

Early Life and Education

He studied geology with several northeastern professors before returning to Wisconsin as one of its commissioners of geology, helping organize two expeditions and improving its school of geology.

Daniels watches are distinct in that they do not yield to artificial styling; their forms are elegant and straightforward, creating an inextricable connection with movement within each piece. Daniels’ watches are known for their high quality movements as well as the distinctive “Daniels” hands first seen on watch No.1 back in 1969; further enhanced by hand-engraved dials and indices to add aesthetic charm.

Professional Career

He developed VDOT, a training formula designed for runners of all abilities which avoids costly lab VO2max testing and allows runners to determine workout intensities based on race times and distances.

To use these calculators, runners must input their race performance and compare it against a VDOT chart that displays training paces from 5k to marathon distances.

The VDOT chart can also serve as a useful reference point for future racing goals. A runner can see what time would get them to the next level on the chart if they improved their performance, which can keep realistic goals on track and on target. Furthermore, this outstanding running coach has written several books.

Achievement and Honors

Daniels has earned numerous honors for his work, such as being awarded with the Clockmakers’ Company of London Gold Medal and named a Master Watchmaker by Swiss National Academy of Fine Arts and Sciences. Additionally, he was an Olympian, competing in Modern Pentathlon where he earned two silver and one bronze medals for Team USA – Daniels is now also honored to be included as part of Sequoia High School and Cortland C-Club Sports Hall of Fame.

Becca Lastoskie joined Whitman College’s cross country coaching staff in 2022 as an accomplished runner and certified Jack Daniels VDOT coach. Additionally, she holds the first ever female marathon win at Walla Walla, WA; is an Impact Learning Communities student ambassador; and volunteers for Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

Personal Life

Personal life refers to all experiences, relationships, beliefs, interests and activities outside the realm of a person’s professional life. It allows greater privacy and autonomy than public life allowing for self-expression and personal choices.

Daniels returned to school at Wisconsin-Madison where he completed both a master’s in exercise physiology in 1965 and a Ph.D in 1969.

He created his renowned VDOT chart, which allows runners to enter recent race times and calculate equivalent training paces over other distances. This helps runners ensure that they’re using appropriate intensity levels during workouts. Since its creation, this calculator has been enhanced with support for metric times as well as multiple race entries.

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