Danielle Brisebois Net Worth

Danielle Brisebois is a talented American singer-songwriter and former actress best known for her appearances in All in the Family and its spinoff Archie Bunker’s Place as Stephanie Mills.

She has composed and produced songs for several artists including Carly Smithson, Clay Aiken, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Kelly Clarkson, Paula Abdul and Paula Abdul. Additionally she has made appearances in commercial movies and television shows like Kojak, This Is the Life Knots Landing etc.

Early Life and Education

Danielle Brisebois was born in Brooklyn, New York. She began acting at an early age and performed in several TV shows; one such role earned her nominations for Golden Globe Awards: Stephanie Mills from All in the Family and Archie Bunker’s Place sitcoms.

Later she ventured into music, writing popular tunes such as ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ and ‘Unwritten’. By the late 1980s she had fully dedicated herself to her musical endeavors instead of acting.

She has written songs for Clay Aiken, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Carly Smithson, Paula Abdul, Kelly Clarkson and Kylie Minogue among many others. She is married to songwriter, producer and guitar player Nick Lashley with whom she shares two daughters Lola and Charlotte.

Professional Career

Danielle Brisebois is an exceptional TV Actress who has distinguished herself through hard work and commitment. As such, her dedication and impactful performances in the industry has won her worldwide renown.

She is most widely known for her role as Stephanie Mills on the classic television show All in the Family and its spin-off Archie Bunker’s Place, but has also worked as a composer/co-writer of many hit singles for Natasha Bedingfield.

After retiring from acting, she turned her attention to music, joining singer-songwriter Gregg Alexander to produce and release Arrive All Over You (1994). While it did not perform well commercially in America, it gained cult status across Europe and gained her an audience that included Gregg. Together they went on to form alternative rock band New Radicals where she performed both keyboards and percussion instruments.

Achievement and Honors

She has made an impactful mark in the industry and earned several awards, writing songs for notable artists like Clay Aiken, Natasha Bedingfield and Sophie Ellis-Bextor among others. Additionally she was part of New Radicals Group as well as released two solo albums including Arrive All Over You and Portable Life.

Teachers can use her acting career to demonstrate the success of individuals across different fields, inspiring their students to reach their goals across disciplines. Teachers could discuss her move into music after her acting career and explore her work as singer, songwriter and producer as well as co-writing hits such as “You Get What You Give” and “Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too”, listening and discussing why these singles became hits.

Personal Life

Danielle Brisebois has made her mark in the acting industry with her outstanding performances and numerous awards she has earned for them.

She is also an accomplished singer and songwriter, having written songs for other artists like Carly Smithson, Clay Aiken, Sophie Ellis-Bextor Paula Abdul and Kylie Minogue.

After her retirement from acting, she turned her talents toward music and joined forces with songwriter Gregg Alexander to form alt-rock band New Radicals where she performed keyboards, percussion, vocals and was the primary songwriter. Their first single, Arrive All Over You was an unexpected hit across Europe.

Net Worth

Brisebois earned thousands as a child actress before transitioning into singing, songwriting and production, which has resulted in her earnings increasing exponentially. Her talents as an artist include writing songs for Carly Smithson, Clay Aiken, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Kylie Minogue as well as co-writing hit singles from Natasha Bedingfield such as Unwritten and Pocketful of Sunshine – just to name a few!

She is an active participant on social media platforms such as Tiktok, Twitter and YouTube, enabling fans to follow her for updates and information.

Danielle Brisebois lives a happy family life. She resides with her husband and children in a nice house; however, her personal information and dating history remain somewhat hidden to the general public; her partner being a musician himself and often seen together.

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