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Daniela Company – Founder and CEO of Sunthetics

After 12 years as editor-in-chief at Kitco Media / Kitco News, Daniela decided to launch Para KIDS! and create authentic bilingual children’s books in English and Spanish.

Her business also fosters labour inclusion by hiring troubled youths from juvenile detention programs to assist with production and manufacturing processes. Her goal is to encourage kids to explore new languages and embrace diverse cultures.

Early Life and Education

Daniela had an early fascination for learning that was nurtured throughout her upbringing in Mexico. As she read books to expand her horizons, Daniela found a mentor who helped her enroll at Southwestern Academy at 9 years old.

She enjoys hosting game nights with friends and hiking. In her free time, she believes strongly in supporting women to reach their dreams and aspirations.

Matt Cartwright appointed her Field Director during his 2012 election campaign and during that time, she recruited over 80 volunteers and made 11,000 voter calls. An advocate for more equitable early childhood systems, she excels at translating research and evaluation findings into actionable information for diverse audiences.

Professional Career

Daniela is Co-Founder and CEO of Sunthetics, an artificial intelligence (AI) company on a mission to build a more eco-friendly chemical industry. As such, she works tirelessly on pioneering machine-learning platforms that can speed up new chemical research by five times while decreasing waste, emissions, and costs.

Experienced in capital markets deals, she advises clients on both domestic and cross-border debt financing transactions. Specializing in leveraged buyout financing, restructuring finance as well as syndicated direct lender and club transactions.

Daniela works at Huge with a team of UX designers, creative director, and project manager – an environment she greatly enjoys collaborating and learning from. Soon she plans to transition into senior designer status while mentoring associate designers.

Achievement and Honors

Daniela has earned numerous honors throughout her career. In 2018, she was recognized with being honored as ‘Consultant of the Year. She excels at successfully negotiating complex transactions while producing exceptional results for her clients.

Daniela is also passionate about community service. With an affinity for social innovation and volunteering in her hometown, she established the Fundacion Protesis 3D non-profit organisation which offers prosthetic hands for children and adults across Chile.

Daniela offers extensive expertise in transaction management for both global and international operations, such as consolidations, acquisition of warehouse hubs, optimization initiatives and sale/leaseback transactions. Additionally, she has overseen large world headquarters relocation and disposition projects. In her free time she serves as a certified scuba diving instructor.

Personal Life

Daniela Company holds that success in business is dependent on two primary tenets: self-awareness and being present for others. Her greatest source of satisfaction has come in form of expressions of thanks from clients and industry colleagues alike.

She credits her experience volunteering with the Army as one of the key life lessons. Working alongside soldiers, she helped restructure careers and overcome anxiety and depression.

Youth Business International member Accion Emprendedora offered her training in communications and social media as well as advice regarding funding options. Since she was five, she has also trained at the National Ballet to perform classical and technical ballet, taking classes multiple times per week.

Net Worth

Daniela owns significant assets through investments and properties. Additionally, she earns significant income through acting. Daniela has made appearances in Portuguese television and film projects; moreover, her role on NCIS: Los Angeles has won critical acclaim among fans and critics.

She formerly held an employment role with chemical giant BASF before becoming the managing partner at bp ventures and leading investment activity that supports business expansion for customer & products units like FreeWire Technologies, MaaS Global, and RepairPal portfolio firms.

They sold their collective 40% stake in family holding company maxingvest ag to focus on private equity investing via Mayfair SE, which owns German coffee/consumer goods/services retailer Tchibo and holds 50% of Deutscher Lloyd (now DNV GL). She is also an angel investor.

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