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Artist Profile – Daniela Astone

Daniela Astone hails from Porto Santo Stefano, a coastal town just south of Florence. As she was growing up she discovered her passion for drawing and painting at an early age and began honing it.

After graduating from Grosseto’s visual arts high school in 1998, she moved to Florence to study illustration. Since then she has become an instructor and director for intermediate program at Florence Academy of Art.

Early Life and Education

Daniela hails from Porto Santo Stefano in Italy. At an early age she became passionate about drawing and painting; later attending Florence Academy of Art to study it further – eventually graduating with honors from her class and currently teaching there while living nearby Florence in a rural location.

She formed an intense connection to La Ardilla, the Zeta comandante from whom she received protection during her seven-year captivity, believing he would have killed her had she defected from the Gulf cartel to him and his killing 72 Central American migrants. Her paintings evoke spiritual imagery; she has participated in exhibitions from New York to Europe including London’s BP Portrait Award exhibition.

Professional Career

Daniela Astone is an award-winning realist painter who teaches at Florence Academy of Art. As Director of their Intermediate Program and participant in London’s BP Portrait Award Exhibition with her own self-portrait piece.

She grew up in Porto Santo Stefano in Maremma Italy and studied formally at Grosseto’s Visual Arts High School before enrolling at Florence Academy of Art to study under Daniel Graves.

She feels painting can help young people to connect more deeply to themselves and to the world, and teaching classical methods helps young people be more honest with themselves. She appreciates challenges and says the beauty of representational painting lies in its ability to push you to do your best work.

Achievement and Honors

Daniela Astone was born in Pisa, Italy in 1980 and grew up in Porto Santo Stefano by the sea. From an early age she developed her interest in drawing and painting and began honing this passion further.

After graduating from Grosseto’s Visual Arts High School in 1998, she moved to Florence and studied illustration at the International School of Comix. Later that same year she enrolled at Florence Academy of Art – graduating in 2004 as Intermediate Program Director – where she still currently teaches illustration classes.

Since then, she has amassed many awards and exhibited her works throughout Europe and North America. Additionally, she is an instructor at Florence Academy of Art as well as accepting acceptance into London’s BP Portrait Award and receiving honorable mention at Mod Portrait Spain.

Personal Life

Daniela Astone was born in Pisa and raised in Porto Santo Stefano, Maremma (Italy). At 14 she began formal study of art at Grosseto High School of Visual Arts; following graduation she moved to Florence where she attended International School of Comix for Illustration Studies before going freelance for multiple editors as well as founding Ink Link Studio.

She graduated from Florence Academy of Art in 2004, receiving the Painting Award, the highest honor in her class. Since then she has participated in many major exhibitions including “Realism Revisited” at Panorama Museum Bad Frankenhausen Germany in 2003 as well as two successful solo shows with Ann Long Fine Art Charleston between 2005 and 2007.

Now, she works as the Intermediate Program Director of Florence Academy of Art and lives and works nearby in the countryside, her paintings being showcased worldwide.

Net Worth

Daniela Astone is an Italian artist known for her paintings of landscapes and still-lifes. Born in Pisa and raised in Porto Santo Stefano on Maremma (Italy), after graduating visual arts high school she moved to Florence where she studied illustration before being appointed the Director of Intermediate Program at Florence Academy of Art – with works now found in several museums worldwide.

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