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Eric Bradford was found guilty on Thursday for first-degree murdering Daniel Watashe on April 30, 2016 during an altercation over a woman. The two men had apparently been arguing before his death occurred.

She enjoyed dancing at Polecat Ceremonial Stomp, playing dominoes and singing karaoke; watching sports – especially her favorite team, the Boomer Sooners!

Early Life and Education

On Thursday, Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals upheld Eric Tyrone Bradford’s conviction of first-degree murder and feloniously pointing a firearm for the April 30, 2016 killing of Daniel Watashe. Prosecutors allege Bradford stalked Watashe before shooting him over an argument over a woman.

Veletta Jean Watashe Anderson, commonly known by her family and friends as “Biscuit,” passed into heaven on July 8, 2017 following a short illness. Born and raised on the Polecat Ceremonial Ground at NAC Yuchi Chapter in Oklahoma City, Biscuit was preceded by parents George and Mary Watashe who passed before her. Biscuit was an amazing mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother – enjoying Ceremonial Stomp dances, casino trips, watching grandchildren play sports as well as attending Ceremonial Stomp dances herself! Biscuit passed on lovingly to God’s mercy on July 8th 2017.

Professional Career

Daniel Watashe was fatally shot near 54th Street North and Frankfort Place in Tulsa in April 2016, believed to have stemmed from an argument over a woman, according to prosecutors. On Thursday, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals upheld Eric Bradford’s life prison sentence after being found driving an automobile near Okmulgee Sunday afternoon and arrested without incident.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel was an unwavering monarch who, due to Morgan le Fay’s curse, could no longer feel emotion. As such, he remained extremely wary of everyone around him and devised countermeasures against any potential betrayals.

He is able to use Alchemy as a form of magic, creating Artoria clones as tools for his use – which led him to be an extremely efficient monarch; but emotionally detached as a result.

Daniel also had access to the Noble Phantasm Rhongomyniad which he kept in his throne room and used as an effective means of rule. With its help he annexed Germany and Cluse into Britain without needing to pay much attention to their individual needs; while being one of the calmest Berserkers he would quickly use this weapon when encountering anyone engaged in witchcraft or black magic practices.

Personal Life

At all times in her life, she dedicated herself to family and friends. A longstanding member of Polecat Ceremonial Ground and NAC Yuchi Chapter, her favorite pastime was attending dances or watching her grandchildren, nephews, nieces, cousins play sports – she especially liked listening to Smilin’ Vic & the Soul Monkeys band music!

Eric Bradford, 42 years old and member of Hoover Crips street gang was sentenced to life imprisonment Thursday for shooting and killing 37-year-old Daniel Watashe in April 2016. Police believe Eric Bradford shot and killed Daniel Watashe, which they attribute to Eric Bradford.

On April 30, 2016, near 54th Street North and North Frankfort Place in Tulsa, an alleged murder occurred when two men got into an argument and Bradford shot Watashe after seeing him talking to a girl.

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